Ready, Set.... Go30!

AJ Banks

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Okay dokay.

I am officially counting down, or eating down? until I officially start my second whole30. I have some healthy 'non' w30 foods that need eating, and I am weaning off milk and easing back on to some of my fav foods from before. Also, I want to make sure I'm reeeeealllllly ready when I hit the 'start' button! 

By the looks of the fridge contents it should be within a week to 10days, maybe sooner. 


I am 24 weeks pregnant today! This is my first pregnancy, and it began in the final days of my first successful whole30 last summer. I have to say, even with the pregnancy, and re-introducing certain non paleo foods back into my life, my body maintained the benefits for a long time! I lost about 6lbs... for me that was a lot... and probably about 3% bodyfat (135 down to 129lbs and 18%-15%bf). Those were not goals btw, just a bonus result of reducing inflammation. My goals were purely digestive healing and energy balance related. I have had chronic blood sugar issues my entire life, and developed food sensitivities that I could no longer ignore. That said, the benefits of the program were obvious to me and I planned on doing it again this coming summer, after baby arrives. But recently I've been feeling like dairy is not serving me well (and I have be heavily consuming dairy products) and a little clean-up right now while I'm feeling good and can focus on myself %100, might be a good idea. So here goes!


I live in a pretty remote area, with very little access to any kind of 'health' community, and the forum really helped me to not feel isolated last time. I also used the daily emails, though I don't think I'll need those this time. So, I'll be bumping around on the site... looking for fellow experimenters, pregnant or not, to tag along with.

Here's to a great way to start a great year! 


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Already feeling better with no milk these last few days. Now just finishing the butter, yogurt and cheeses in the fridge. I stocked up at the grocery store yesterday with cans of coconut milk, ghee, and coconut oil. And some other key items like marinara sauce with no sugar added, to have on hand. I already eat good clean meats, vegetables and fruits... so that's no problem, I'm always stocked there. Giving up my gluten free 'products' for real food is always good... and taking a break from extra sugars in via honey and other natural sweets is definitely good. So, this time around instead of going crazy before I start (i.e. binging on what-have-you's) I'm just whittling it down until those items are gone! 

Something about the mentality of the 30days, feels very nourishing to me. A little extra attention, for moi. With all the attention given to loved ones, husband and unborn bebe... it feels good to 'give' to myself. I felt that way the first time around... and even more now, I think. Instead of depriving it feels nourishing. I am pretty sure if I was feeling stressed about it, I wouldn't force it. My emotional/intuitive compass usually steers me in the right direction if I am paying attention! 

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