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My first Whole30 Starts TODAY 1/7/14!


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My husband and I are starting our first Whole30 TODAY!


I am 32 years old, and an RN who is currently in graduate school to become an NP. My husband is 33 and an army officer who is also in graduate school before going on to teach at West Point. We have 5 kids (YES, FIVE!) ages 14, 11, 7, 7 and 4. It's a busy, crazy house!


In order to help ensure our success I spent last week making up the ENTIRE month of meals in a calendar so we know what we are eating and when. I think for me this will be the best insurance against temptation!


I'm sure I will be here for advice and support. THANK YOU for allowing this program to remain free and the forums too!



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Day 1:

Today was ok. I feel serious cravings already but I think it is just because I know I CAN'T have something!

Of course the fact that Jan 6th was my son's 4th birthday and there was still leftover cake might be part of the temptation problem <_<


I think I'm going to bed just so I can run away from the cake!!!!

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