Anzas First W30-Dec 25 2012


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Coconut in great quanities makes me feel a bit ill. Probably just how rich it is. NOTHING like dairy milk leaves me. 


It will  be so hard to give up my favorite veggies, esp when other then the gas problem they are very healthy.  The list of do not eat reads like a list of some of my favorite things...Beets, brussles, fennel, cauli, mushrooms etc. :(  


I had some minor inflammatory issues and those are GONE. Thank gawd because I would probably die before giving up nightshades. For real. 


From past food experiments I know that brussel sprouts and cauli can cause sever gas. Ive yet to track down what exactly causes extreme bloating....Food logs lead me to believe it's avocado as it seems be the one common food in meals that left me bloated. However I have plenty of times I eat avo and don't feel bloated. So who knows. Sigh. 



thanks for all the feedback

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These little experiments are the fussy ones. I learned a long time ago that bell pepper makes my tummy implode and as I don't like it much anyway I just avoid it. Tomatoes sometimes give me heartburn and sometimes don't. I try and pay attention to all the factors when I eat them but just limit them in general. This is where keeping a log really helps though so you can start connecting the dots.

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ohhh, I love bell peppers. Esp red ones. I find if I roast them and peel them they are much easier to digest. I blend them up in my food processor with lemon, tahini and garlic to make a dip. But I hear what you are saying about the experiment....Ive been logging my food on and off for half my life...sigh. I try to ignore that my fav veggies give me gas.  


Started a second batch of kombucha last night. Now I have two 1 gallon jars fermenting. Cannot WAIT until I have some to drink. It's exciting!


Wed Jan 15




egg and kale muffin

1 chicken apple sausage 

big bowl of blackberries and raspberries.



feel sooo bad. The girl who works in the kitchen here (yes, we have a full kitchen) told me she got plain, non fat, greek yogurt just for me. (that with fruit and granola was my go to breakfast in the past.) Sigh. I felt awful telling her I quit dairy. She's very sweet.  She didn't seem to mind and said "well, I have a bunch of berries if you want them!"  YAY!!!! I love berries.... 


I think the combo of eggs and sausage is a huge WIN! Two sausages was too much fat and not enough protein. 1 was not enough food. I need to make more of those egg muffins. YUM. Also....last night hubby said "I haven't see you wear that jacket in awhile" And I said yeah it was a bit tight and now it's not.  Then, he told me I looked nice. When I was making dinner I told him I was having turkey, brussle sprouts and sweet potato. Did he want me to make him cheesie bread or rice or something? He said "no thanks" and we didn't even end up eating sweet potato (because we snacked on dried apricots before dinner) I have never known that man to turn down cheesie bread! EVER!!!  He's the one who told me he thought I should go gluten free awhile back due to some health concerns.  OF course he suggested it for me with no intention of giivng it up himself. So I told him to MYOB and then did research which resulted this and me getting rid of all grains. I haven't said anything to him about changing his diet....he knows processed food is bad, thinks monsanto is evil, etc....but he loves it and eats it anyway. Often feeling guilty after. Maybe he'll change a little too. <3 my hubby!!!



1 chicken artichoke sausage

1 meatball

sweet potato- a healthy sized one

carrots sticks


a very orange meal. I have a hard time thinking of sweet potatos as veggies, to me they are a starch. Had to run an errand a lunch. Walked two miles and it's HOT out.  Other then the sausages I have no more protein in my work food stash. Will have to cook tonight. 


also, I write way too much. 


I write way too much. 








I know. Not a mini meal...I was hungry and snacky. I think maybe the sweet potato from lunch? It seemed big otherwise.  I dunno...However this will carry me to dinner at home which will probably be around 8. 


I think I need to plan a snack so I can eat dinner at home. I eat lunch at 2pm and get home from work at around 730-8. So that's a long time to go without eating. Eating at work is depressing--alone at my desk. I like to be home. 


Im making nomnompaleos softcore albacore for dinner!

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Wed Jan 15 (still)




oil braised tuna (nomnompaleo soft core albacore but I used blue fin tuna)

carrot stix

coconut chips


Looks like good meal, not exactly how it went down. Ended up working until 2000, but really wanted to eat the tuna I had planned for dinner at home. So at work, I shoveld carrot sticks in my mouth while trying to get out of the office from 1930-2000. 


Got home at 2030, made the tuna. Ate that with hubby at 2100. Yeah, just tuna, he's just fine eating nothing but seafood for dinner. Then, about 30 minutes after that I raided the pantry for coconut.... Oh well


Thurs Jan 16




chicken artichoke sausage

chicken apple sausage

2 cups spahgetti squash



gonna be a looooooong night. Probably be at work until 10pm. Well stocked with all sorts of W30 food to get me thru without resorting to junk food and candy.  Last night I almost tore into a bag of Kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips. 




romain hearts

tuna (dinner from last night) 

tahini dressing (tahini, olive oil, lemon juice)



sigh. Too early for lunch,  not really hungry but we break when we break.  So I ate. and now I have the most incredible stomach cramps WTF Im doubled over in pain. fml. 


update. It ended badly, with a drip to the bathroom and then I felt a LOT better. Ugh. 




ordering in dinner at work. Thai food. I ordered a red curry with extra veggies and no rice. Probably not 100% compliant however I really don't want to be 'that person' eating my own food and I've been to this restaurant before. It's on the higher end of food.  With a curry I'm most likely not eating any gluten or grains, dairy or legumes. If anything it's a bit of palm sugar and/or a non complaint oil. Perhaps some off limit preservatives in the fish sauce. I can live with that. Plus it's REALLY good....I know if I eat something form home I will be mad and binge on chocolate. Tje dove dark chocolate squares are calling my name. :-/  Also, all I have left is more tuna which I am reluctant to eat after how sick I got earlier today. It was cooked rare, and I was fine last night. Maybe something happened to it in the mean time? Maybe it was the lettuce? Who knows :(

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FRIDAY!!! Jan 17




chicken thigh

coconut oil


Made breakfast at home before work, ate it in the car. Cooked up two small chicken thighs in coconut oil with a korean chili garlic paste. It was actually the paste I made for my kim chi radish.  I had frozen the leftovers. Really, really good. I also have a container of spaghetti squash to eat with it but that was too messy for the car and now it's sitting on my desk. hahah. 





2 cups spaghetti squash


was supposed to be with breakfast but I kinda saw it sitting there and it sounded good. 




2 chicken artichoke sausage

brussle sprouts

kale satueed with onion


eeks. Three fodmaps...sigh. fingers crossed. 


Not terribly hungry. The chicken kept me REALLY full and the squash just topped it off. However this is my break and my only chance to eat not at my desk and relax..So I ate. Not working late tonight. 



just realized it's day 24! Wow...I feel like I put together a REALLY good week of meals at work. Breakfast, lunch and even some dinners too.  Didn't eat any junk and went out to eat one time. Maybe two? Can definitely see eating this way long term. Esp at work when Im surrounded with junk, really keeps temptations and cravings at bay. 

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I would of of I had any. This was all that was left in my fridge this morning. And I was so chipper and happy it made my grumpy husband mad. Damn did I used to be that grumpy in the morning too?

Today was bad. I got into the bag of dates. Ate so many I got sick and passed out. I was cranky upset bloated headache. It was like a hangover. Seriously. I went in my bedroom to change into hiking clothes and laid down and passed out for two hours. I felt so crappy I never want to do that again. Ever. I told hubby it was like my tolerance to sugar was gone and it j ust hit me like a ton of bricks. Total lesson learned. I am still recovering. Never again. Ugh. Its like when you parents force you to some a whole pack of cigs to make you sick. I want to start 100% over after that but I promised my huby a non difficult sushi dinner in two weeks. It might have to be sashimi and coconut Amino's.

Dinner was steak and Asian slaw. Much better.

The thought of something sweet makes me want to vomit now. I still can't get over how horrific i felt. And how conditioned to sugar I have been for probably all my life. Ew ew ew

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I'm sorry you felt so badly but you did learn an extremely valuable lesson. No need to restart. What do you think triggered the date eating? I know I went on an eat all the (compliant) things trip last night and finally realized I hadn't had any starchy vegetables that day even though I had a hard workout. Once I settled that I felt much better. Wish I had realized before I ate so much but I still woke up hungry this morning and I didn't feel sick last night.

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Sunday Jan 19


Ground beef (organic)cooked in coconut oil with garlic shallots and chili garlic paste.

Asian slaw cabbage carrots snap peas asian pear and cilantro in a lime ginger dressing

Going to the flea market and packed some of the meat, a bag of olives and carrot be ticks for lunch.


Ground beef

Carrot sticks


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We were going out all day and I was packing a lunch. I made home made Lara bars with dates, apricots, coconut and almonds.

I ate the whole batch. Just could not stop eating them. I even portions them out and froze them in bags. Sigh. Almonds aren't a trigger like cashews and walnuts are. But dates I think I can't keep in the house. Sigh

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I'm smiling - I've been dipping into the dates today.  They don't have quite the same hold on me as they seem to for you, but your posts remind me I should stop right now before that changes!  


I just read about your husband passing up on the cheesie bread and his encouragement for you to do the gluten free thing and your chipperness in the morning.  So nice to have a partner supporting this stuff and so nice to be chipper in the morning.  

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He's pretty supportive but I did have to watch him eat pizza tonight at a family gathering. Thankfully everyone was to busy watching the football game to notice I was eating cold steak, carrot sticks and olives out of containers I brought in my purse. Boring day foodnwise but 100% compliant. Cooked up three days worth of food when I got home. Kale frittata muffins, browed and seasoned a pound of ground beef and cup up and packaged jicma carrots ad snap peas! I love the containers say 2 cupsnon the bottom so I know how much veg I am getting.

Dates are good, aren't they. I will miss them.

Oh tested my first batch of kombucha. Way too sweet. Needs more time. :-( I was do looking forward to some.

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Monday Jan 20th


5! kale mini fritattas-enriched them with coconut milk. Omg SO good!!!


3 at 0730 and 2 more at 0930




It's nearing the end of my W30.  I don't want it to end, and I really don't want to re-intro anything. Im scared I won't have ill effects from foods I shouldn't be eating anyway and then I'll go crazy. sigh. Im happy, I can tell I've lost weight even though I've not stepped on a scale since October....ha! Two habits Im glad I broke long  before the W30. Drinking coffee black and tossing my scale in the trash. 


Other than a planned date night at a traditional sushi restaurant in a couple weeks I don't forsee any reason to stop. I will probably try to limit the rice and soy at the sushi place but Im not gonna kill myself either. The staff isn't exactly fluent in english....Any soy consumed will be fermented. 


Tested my kombucha last night. Still way too sweet. BOO!! I was really hoping to be able to drink it soon. I even tracked down fresh tumeric root, as that's my favorite flavor. Ginger Tumeric.   It was already forming a second scoby on top!!!

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I'm in awe of the kombucha making.  It scares me to try it out thought I know it's possible.

Way to go on getting through yesterday smoothly though I imagine it was hard to see one's partner indulge on pizza.

I think when we complete this Whole30, we'll probably steer clear of dairy and wheats which means no pizza, no pasta and no burgers with buttery grilled buns.  I've never done a proper re-intro so I have no idea if there are bad trigger foods for me, but I know that most of my old ways didn't really support good health.  Japanese and Korean both seem to be pretty good eating out choices for me.

Kale mini fritattas - hmmm - maybe I'll try some of those.  I have a bunch of clean kale sitting on my counter waiting for something to be done with it.

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They are amazing. DO IT. I adapted a recipe from Nomnompaleo. I think hers had mushroom and spinach but I made mine with kale and shallots. It's what I had on hand. Coconut milk was KEY!


Kombucha making is easy (says the person who's not completed a batch. HA!)  I am shocked at how little work it required and how easy it was.   Read the thread here on the forum it's a great resource. Or

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Monday Jan 30--can't deicide if I should edit my earlier post or make a new one? Like it makes a difference.  :lol:




taco meat--organic beef sauteed in coconut oil with onions. (FODMAP)

2 cups of sliced  jicama soaked over night in lime juice

1 organic romaine heart. 


all tossed together into  a salad. 


yum.  Also two cups of jicama is a freakin' TON of food.   I got some comments on how much food I was eating. 


I know I have to work late tonight I know, so it will be the same meal  for dinner, just substitute snap peas for the  jicama.  


Then Im off Tue-Wed-Thur and working Fri-Sat. Off Sunday. Next week I only have to work Monday and Friday. YAY for lots of time to shop and cook!! Can't wait to try some new recipes. 

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Monday night dinner

I ended up eating carrots, snap peas and blackberries off the snack plate at work. Ate that with had a small portion of cold steak cubes that I brought with me. The whole meal was probably really about half a meal, but i just wasnt hungry.

Then I woke up at about 330 in the morning starving!! I thought oh good that means I'm losing weight and tried to go back to sleep without eating anything. yes I realize just how messed up that statement is on so many levels. I mean seriously, why do we think of our body as some totally separate entity for our brain and don't even pay attention to the signals its desperately sending us. We try to have our own way with things and see how well that works out? So after that I got up and had 3 mini kale fritattas and went back to bed.

Tuesday Breakfast

brown ground beef with onions


roasted sugar snap peas

I had to wake up pretty early to take the kid to school and I wasn't really hungry.

so when I got home around nine I decided to have braeakfast which was some of the organic grass fed ground beef that I browned the other daywith some olives added to it I really like reading olives to brown ground beef it feels very Spanish.

sugar snap peas really tasted like edamame this way totally delicious


Mini kale fritattas

Cup whole guacamole.

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Tuesday jan 20 dinner

Green currieed veggies

Sigh. Just couldn't face more ground beef. Made a green curry sauce with shallots, cauliflour and carrots. Super spicy and delicious. Mae ploy curry paste and coconut milk. Was gonna put it over meat but didn't feel like it. Also hubby has complained about eating too much meat. So we just ate bowls of curry sauce and veg. Probably 3 cups of veg each. Sigh. Felt fine. No hunger or cravings.

Wed breakfast

Butternut squash roastednin coconut oil

Apple chicken sausage.

Didn't eat until 11am. Finally started period almost a week late. Felt horrible. Home with the kid since he is running a fever. Of course on my day off work. (Not my kid btw, step) but it's ok, didn't have any plans other then chilling at home and playing with the new crock pot. Figure l would let hubby go to work. Pulled pork for dinner yus! Think I want to eat more organic eggs and leas meat.

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so last night for dinner I didn't feel hungry at all. I had the worst cramps ever and just wanted to die. I had a few bites of the pulled pork just to make sure it tasted OK. forgot to mention that our fridge died yesterday, so we got a new one and it will be delivered today. right now all my food is in coolers. I have a freezer full of blue fin tuna that my dad caught while deep sea fishing and im afraid I'm going to lose it. in fact I think the freezers in cycling on and off and food is defrosting refreezing for a while now. sigh. I knew something has been off. of course I went to Costco On Tuesday and bought a ton oF aidell sausages and wholly guacamole. It froze and defrosted already. I foresee a lot of sausage And guacamole in the next week. still stuck home all day watching my step kids I'm school oh well its not like I have anything better to do than wait for the fridge To be dropped off.

I still felt really really crappy and it was the most I could do to get down to scrambled eggs with a little bit of Guac. Today is day 30. Husband I was going to reintroduce I think I said nothing. like I said it was his idea for me to go gluten and dairy free due to some health issues I've had I just took a step further by eliminating all Grains and going w30. I think I'm going to take a week off then start another one. I don't know if IllnIllnreintr reintro anything. Nothing I miss too much right now.

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Not quite up for soup. Its about 80 degrees where I am! And no new fridge yet, so I don't want to open the fridge and cook. Thanks tho. I mostly feel sick from girl issues. Cramps, headache etc. Husband came home from work with a fever. Awesome, spent my week off caring for the kid and weekend taking care of hubby. Fml. Oh well. I'm working Saturday so he's on his own!

In other news the kombucha is almost ready. Probably bottle it for second ferment sunday night!! So excited!!

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I kinda snacked for lunch while waitingnfornthe new fridge to show up. Pulled pork and a pear. Trying to avoid opening the fridge to keep things cool. or cook in case the fridge showed up. Sigh. It finally showed up at 6.

Dinner turkey burger on a bed of lettuce, with pickles and mustard. Side of roasted organic broccoli because the kid hates lettuce, but loves broccoli. An 8 year old who loves veggies! He came to me that way :-)

Tomorrow is dau 31, Packed up a ton of food for work and plan to remain compliant.

I haven't weighed myself since October nor measured. Sonno measure of progress but I feel good! Clothes fit ok but I'm bloated from my stupid period.

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DAY 31-




1 chicken apple sasauge (TJs_

roasted fennel 


Orginally had heated up two cups of fennel and 2 sausages. WAY, WAY too much food to choke down, cut portion in half.  I'll eat it tomorrow for breakfast, or perhaps later. 


I had too many slip ups with dried fruit that I want to keep going. I think I am going to do strict w30 when I am working, always. There are too many temptations here to not be. Working long days today and tomorrow and have enough food to get me thru. Off Sunday.  Next week I am only working Monday and Friday. 


Goal--start measuring progress with body measurements as I haven't owned a scale in over a year. It broke so I tossed it the trash and never looked back.  And start exercising. 


Lunch 1330


chicken apple sausage

pulled pork

lots of organic baby greens

3 persian cucumbers

roasted fennel

tahini dressing

very small blood orange



All tossed into a large salad. Except the orange. Pulled pork is SO GOOD. Can't believe it was my first time with a crock pot. Glad I cut back on the size of breakfast...since I usually eat a lot and no hungry by the time lunch rolls around. Lunch time is non negotiable. '


I just realized...I can make paleo pancakes for breakfast on sunday. OMG.  What's funny, is that I am not really even a pancake person. Or waffles or whatever. Ive never been a huge breakfast person...Maybe I will start a new log over in the post W30 section on sunday :)


Also, kombucha bottling will be sunday night. Super excited. 

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Thinking about starting a post W30 thread but just not feeling it yet.  I had a small bag of compliant plantain chips last night, came from the bulk bin of the health food store. Hubby and I shared a four ounce bag. It was SINFUL. Better then potato chips ever used to be. I wanted to make my own was market was out of plantains :(


Sat Jan 25



2 shots espresso. black. 

2 aidells chicken and apple sausage

6oz blackberries



cannot believe how much Ive cut back on coffee. I used to drink it all day, up until noon. Now I'm just drinking 2-3 shots of espresso in the morning and that's it.  Working today :(  Since there's no traffic on weekends I had time to prep dinner before leaving for work.   I had a bag of pearl onions in my freezer--they were a casualty in the fridge meltdown. I actually lost a lot of food :(  So I thought I'm make this to use them up


I used fresh shallots with rosemary and thyme from my garden in place of the sunny paris. I always keep artichoke hearts in the pantry so there you go. I am using bone in/skin on thighs. Plan to keep the bones for bone broth. I REALLY need to get on making/drinking bone broth.  Tasted kombucha last night. It's pretty good. However I didn't really have time to deal with bottling and starting a new batch. That is sunday.  I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Going to go to the local natural butcher shop, bottle my kombucha, start 2 new batches, and work in the yard. Need to plant some more herbs and work on brush clearing. 





pulled pork

organic baby greens

4 organic persian cucumbers

tahini dressing






pulled pork

carrot stix


not nearly enough fat at lunch. Im HUNGRY. UGH. I have some sausage or pulled pork I could make into a mini meal. I knew I should have brought some guacamole. I need to make some changes for sure. 1 sausage and some eggs for breakfast to better balance the fat/protein. And more fat needed at lunch. It was a small portion of pulled pork. sigh. I think I will heat up some more. 


oh well, This will hold me until dinner which probably won't be until 9. I'm hoping to get home from work before 8.  :(

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