Anzas First W30-Dec 25 2012


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Thinking about starting a post W30 thread but just not feeling it yet. 


You are welcome to stay here for as long as you decide to stay compliant to the whole 30 guidelines. After that continuing a log in the post section is the thing to do. 

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ok, tomorrow then.  Only because I want to try eating a touch more fruit, I really miss it. And I am really interested in experimenting with some grain/dairy free baking.  I think Im more interested in doing the baking then the actual eating,  I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and miss baking.  Luckily I have a hungry husband and kid to feed off the extras too. Probably a once a week thing at most. And I know I will be going for sushi sometime soon. I've havent been missing anything terribly yet. And I'm already planning on ways to minimize soy exposure at sushi. 

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