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Progesterone Cream??


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Well...Ive been wondering..



In the last year or so Ive had terrible pms and even starting to show signs of Perimenopause at 38 years old. My doc suggested that I was estrogen dominant and try progesterone cream. I have been using it for about 8 months now and I feel that it helps.  I've been debating if I should continue this cycle or not. 


Anyone else using this stuff? Part of me is scared to stop and worry about horrible pms etc. But I am curious to see what effect the whole30 is having without any added hormones...

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Let your doctor know, but don't let their opinion necessarily stop you.  It isn't like you are stopping blood pressure medications or cancer therapy.


Diet and lifestyle is often what gets our hormones out of whack in the first place, so it makes sense that you would want to see if your changes are helping you in the area which you struggle.


My body went out of whack at 40.  I totally get what you are going through!  I have spent the past 8 years trying different things and generally feeling crappy except for when I am following a healthy diet with very limited sugar, higher protein and restricted grains.  The hard part for me has been sticking with it.


I took bioidentical progesterone briefly about 4 years ago and was unhappy with my experience.  I might try it again in the next few weeks but I'm really not convinced adding this is the way to go.   I am going to try to support my adrenal glands, get my cortisol rhythm back to normal and eat the way I described above for a few months to watch what happens with my laundry list of symptoms.


Did your doctor suggest you are estrogen dominant merely based on symptoms or with testing?  You might want to have your levels retested to make sure you don't have abnormally high levels of progesterone in your system now with possibly increased estrogen/testosterone to boot.  I think it is a good idea to take supplement holidays if they are not critical to one's health.    


Good luck!  These years should be happy; not intolerable!

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I used progesterone cream for a while and have been taking an oral form of bio-identical progesterone for the past 2 years or so to help with awful cramps (endometriosis).  It was only prescribed by my doctor because testing revealed I was low in progesterone, among other things.  


A Whole30 can do a lot for your hormones, but for some people, they still need supplementation.  If you're comfortable going off for a cycle, give it a shot.  If you're not, consider asking your doctor to get your levels re-tested after you've wrapped up your Whole30 and see if it made any changes.  It's always best to get your levels tested, though, as too much progesterone can tip the scales in the other direction and trust me - it's not pleasant.  

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Thanks for the advice, No I was not tested. It was after a discussion I had with my obgyn when I told her my symptoms. 


Horrible cramps, spotting all month long, sore brests etc... I literally feel crazy and want to kill all the things. Seriously, the first few days of the W30 was nothing compared to the pms I feel. Like raging anger at any thing I see.  


I am going to skip it this month and see if it gets better. If not, I will resume.  I'm due for a checkup anyway, I might consider some tests then if I can get them. 

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Get tested!  You can even test yourself from www.canaryclub.org with saliva.


I don't think it was wise for your OB to be doling out hormone cream without any testing.  You could be estrogen dominant with normal levels of progesterone.  You just don't know and it isn't something to mess with.


After your month off, consider ordering a test and taking it.  I did a 12 hour cortisol saliva test through canary club and then had one through another lab and they were nearly identical.  


If I remember correctly, progesterone accumulates in the fat tissue and can build up to unhealthy levels if inappropriately supplemented.  Literally can get too much of a good thing!


Take care.

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If you're spotting all month, that wouldn't be the first thing I'd turn to. Has your thyroid been tested - a full panel, not just TSH??

I agree with Pam - get tested! Hormones aren't something you want to mess around with without monitoring them. Best to get checked out after a whole 30.

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Anzadel,  I am just reading this post, and I was curious to see if you have stayed with the whole 30 and if it helped your symptoms. I seem to have the same symptoms as you had back in January- all of them.  Didn't know anyone else was out there with all of those symptoms.  Was wondering if the whole 30 helped you and if you were able to get tested.  I am starting the whole 30 now  and am hopeful that it will make a difference.

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I'm currently dealing with similar symptoms. After a full blood panel and two pelvic ultrasounds, I have been diagnosed with a cervical polyp. I'm a little confused, as it should have been visible during my last pelvic exam, but it does fit the symptoms. It'll be removed next month (I'm going out for 3 weeks starting tomorrow, and won't be able to get it dealt with until I'm back) and, hopefully, I won't have too bad of a time while I'm gone.


I have started taking iron supplements and vitamin C to help with the exhaustion/low mood it's given me (you try bleeding all but a week of the month and maintaining a healthy relationship with your hubby). Eating a more W30 way hasn't helped much, unfortunately, but once you have a cervical polyp you have it until it's removed. Your hormones can't fix those.

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