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Second whole30, hoping the post-whole 30 will go better


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Finished my first whole30 mid-October, and we really blew it at the end!

Day 31, I had maple syrup on the pumpkin paleo waffles, cream in sugar in my coffee, and I felt like garbage. In fact, the entire week after the thirty days was miserable and not at all the celebratory feeling we had hoped! We decided it was just as bad as the first few days!!

We tried to ease back in per the suggestions of the daily email, but ugh... It was terrible and so scary to not have rules, I felt lost.

So, here on the second whole30, I am vowing to finish strong and continue the tiger blood!

I didn't post at all the first time around, hoping to be more present on the forum this time, especially when I near the end!!!


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