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Day 2 - 8.1


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So Day two of my first Whole30 started. I had the feeling I slept better maybe, but I didn't really did get better out of my bed than usually. 

Yet no problem to clinch to the food. 
Ok again I didn't really ate breakfast. (But since I did get up late, it's more like I go directly to lunch) I still need to figure out, what I want eat for breakfast. (If I don't get up too late again) 

For lunch I had today cocoa-toasted cauliflower (from the Well Fed book), spinach-almond stir-fry ( http://ancestralchef.com/spinach-almond-stir-fry ) and zander with spicy mango salsa (from nom nom paleo book). 

For dinner I had planned to eat lamb, but I don't know yet, what together with I eat it. 

I also I will surely come into tempting situations today, since I want go to Starbucks. (Drinking tea instead of  a frappuccino will be kinda difficult I think…)

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Ok for dinner I have lamb in mint sauce and sweet potatoes. Also I did get hungry on the evening and ate some blueberries and raw tuna. ( I really love raw fish, so I nice idea for snacking getting some raw fish. And compared to other unhealthy options, it's not really more expensive)

I was so tired this afternoon, that was not so nice. But I can't say if it was because of Whole30 or just my usual tiredness. But my body feels good so far. Was also in the fitness today. (I felt well after that, but some minutes later, I felt again tired)

Wow, i was even able to order just tea in Starbucks. 

So far I don't really had an desire to sweet in the evening. (Ok I did fruits, but before even I did that, I would have an unstoppable craving for sweets and would have eat any sweet stuff I found, even it wasn't that much of my favorite)

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