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Julie - Off to a great start!


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This is Julie and I off to a great start I think, I feel good, have list of energy, Don't think I am slipping or cheating anywhere, But it would be great to have someone say "yes!" you are doing everything right!

so….here is goes

TODAY…day 7:


BFAST: small bowl of golden cauliflower soup (via the THe clothes make the girl)

             slice of frittata with bits of chocochili(clothes makethe girl), zucchini, spinach, coconut oil, egg

              Coffee with 1 tbs of coconut oil, almond milk, and cinnamon all emulsified together


WIll add rest tonight

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Yep. Breakfast looks good.


The concept for the Whole30 log is that you start one log and add to it throughout your entire Whole30. That keeps everything together in one place. If you want me to change the name of your log to Julie - Off to a great start        just send me a private message and I will change it for you.

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