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Too much protein hurts my stomach

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Hi all,


I'm at the end of my first week on this program.  I've felt pretty good so far.  I never experienced any fuzziness, weakness or moodiness that others report. 


The only issue I'm having right now is with all the protein I have to eat 3 times a day. 


Just so that you better understand where I'm coming from, I'll go into a little detail about my past eating habits.  I ate vegetarian about 75% of the time and pescatarian the other 25%.  I ate grain based foods sparingly.  Most of my food had come in the form of veggies, eggs, legumes and fruit with the occasion grains and fish. 


For this Whole30, I am still eschewing land animals so I find myself eating a lot of fish and eggs.  I am clearly not used to such a huge amount of animal based protein in my diet.  I am experiencing discomfort, bordering on pain after meals since day 3.  I believe it is the high amount of protein coupled with the fact that I am eating more than ever.  I used to have smaller meals with a snack or 2 throughout the day.  While the rest of my body feels fine, and I don't even get my afternoon shakiness anymore, my stomach is just not enjoying this process. 


I am not snacking at all (though I keep dreaming about dark chocolate squares).


Thanks for any insight!



EDIT:  My husband, who is doing this with me, is reporting muscle cramps.  Any ideas?

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Hi there!

You might benefit from taking a digestive enzyme short term.  Your body will naturally increase the amount of necessary enzymes, but sometimes the process is a bit slow and uncomfortable.  NOW makes a compliant brand of enzymes, or you may be able to find one in a local store.


Some folks experience cramps if they aren't consuming many magnesium rich foods. Unflavored Natural Calm taken daily will likely help, as will a focus on magnesium rich foods :)

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Thanks for the input.  I will look into the enzymes and magnesium.  :)


I thought I'd try a smaller amount of protein in my lunch salad today to see how it went.  While my stomach felt happier for it, I am now hungrier earlier and feeling a bit shaky.  As it turns out, I need that extra protein when I'm not allowed to snack.  (It was so hard turning down those dark chocolate squares someone brought into a meeting!)  Or maybe I could reduce protein and increase fats to stay full longer without the stomach upset?  I'm probably not eating the recommended amount of fat anyway...


The prospect of more fish or eggs is turning my stomach though.  I can't imagine forcing more onto myself no matter how it's prepared.  I'm not sure I've ever eaten so much protein in a day in my life.  Will try my best for dinner tonight.

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