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Update! Loving My Life!


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Here I am on day 7, and can smile and say that each day keeps getting better and better!!!  Breakfast today was scrambled pesto eggs with mushrooms and some piping hot coffee- delish! 

I am loving talking with my mom, Lisa, who is also doing the Whole 30 with me, and exchanging recipes, tracking success, and inspiration!!!

Before attempting the Whole 30, I had suffered from Ulcerative Colitis that resulted in my entire colon being removed in the fall of 2011.  No sooner had I "recovered" from that journey, when the inflammation manifested into debilitating joint pain. 

The other night I was tossing stuffed animals up onto my son's bunk bed, when I had to stop and smile.  I realized that 2 weeks ago I could not have done that... the pain in my shoulders used to be so bad that I, at times, could not lift my arms over my head.  The pain is now slowly subsiding, and although not yet 100% pain free, I am confident that I am on my way!  The Whole 30 process is soooooo worth every "kill all things" moment and skipped glass of wine with dinner! :P

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