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Sulphite slip up on day 7

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Hi all, 

I'm on day 7 and so far it's been going really well. The food has been delicious and, although seriously trying at times, I've enjoyed every second of it so far (yes, even the grumpy, exhausted second's!) My problem is that today I mindlessly ate some dried mango without reading the label first (rookie error). I ate about 30g of it I'd guess. To my dismay, when I turned the packet over to double check the ingredients list it read: 'Dried Mango 100%, Sodium metasulphite: Trace'


My question is, do I have to go back to Day 1 (cry, weep, sob)? It only contains trace amounts and I didn't eat that much of it, but I'm aware that even a small amount of something bad can have repercussions. 


Any advice much appreciated!


Hannah x 

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Yep, dried fruit gets a lot of people, either for this ingredient or sugar.  :( 

Technically, eating sulphites in any amount merits a restart.


You could call it a Whole37, or you could delay reintroing sulphites for 30 days, so you have 30 consecutive days free of sulphites.

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