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On Day 8 of my second Whole 30


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And so far so good! I'm not even noticing the changes, and I'm wondering if because a) this is my second time through and B) some of the things I implemented the first time stuck, such as no sugar or cream in my morning coffee, no soda and no artificial sweeteners. So some of my addictions were already kicked, but that doesn't mean sugar and white flour didn't creep back in. 


The sad part is that when I did this last February - April, I lost about 12 pounds, but now those are back so I'm starting from scratch there. At least I'm on the right road though!


I would like to lose at least 25 pounds and preferably 45 so I have a ways to go. My plan is to basically stick with Whole 30 eating until I get where I want to be.


Happy to join this group and I appreciate all the support and advice in advance!


Happy New Year! 

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