Happily on Day 8 of the whole 30 but I've come down with pneumonia... Any feel good tips for being sick on whole 30?


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Hey guys I'm relatively new to the whole 30 program but I'm already on Day 8 and loving it! Unfortunately I've come down with pneumonia. Any ideas or helpful tips on getting through illness without getting off course on my awesome whole 30 journey would be greatly appreciated!

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I have bone broth defrosting now and yesterday I had some delicious pureed sweet potatoes. I'm looking for easy protein options and anything additional to help. I've hear kombucha drinks are great but i don't know much else and I'm just feeling really crummy. I appreciate any advice

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I would say for an easy protein throw some chicken or pork into your slow cooker, so it gets really tender and you can shred it.   then it should be easy to add to some soups and more digestible with the broth.


Bubbie's sauerkraut or pickles are also probiotic but they might be a little tough depending on how you're feeling. 

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I recently had pnemonia....the worst ever! Not sure if you signed up for the whole30 daily emails but they address getting sick on Day 3 and have some good advice. ( I can email it to you if you don't have it already)

PLEASE listen to the lady who recommended probiotics!!! My anti-biotics made me soooo sick, I was nauseous for two weeks, not right away but the following week. Be careful, hope you feel better soon!

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