Britni's First Whole 30


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Nervous.  My very first whole 30. 

Hey, I'm Britni, and sugar is my weakiness.  Bread too.  It make me so happy.  Sometimes, I feel the cavities coming or I just get a negative feeling afterwards. 


I started my new life Jan. 7, yesterday.  I felt amazing.  I read the entire It Start With Food book.  It almost made me decide to become a vegan.




I want to eat slower not inhale my food. At the table. Not the car or bed.


Sleep longer (7.5 min) and better-least 30 mins personal time before bed


I usually workout, but this week I'll forego my workout or I'll do brisk walks on the treadmill. 

After, I plan to workout.  5 days a week 45mins- 1hr


Try to stay between 155-160 no gut   size 10

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