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Bunny Walker's Whole30palooza


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Today is Day One.  I love a clean slate.


My name is Bunny.  I teach high intensity interval training, volunteer at a library, write a blog, and bartend in Alaska.  I have a 3 year old, and a fiancee who lost 25 lbs in less than two months seemingly by sheer force of will.  He's 5 inches taller than me, and only 15 lbs heavier.  


I've tried Primal, 4 Hour Body, Eat for Heat, Vegan Before 6, 30 Day Fat Loss Cure (which is VERY similar to this, and totally worked) to varying degrees of temporary success.


I'm doing this because I'm unsatisfied with my relationships with food and alcohol.  I'm doing this because I'm 38 and haven't been happy with my body for about 10 years, and never truly satisfied.  I'm doing this because I need to follow through.


Breakfast today was one palm sized portion of ground moose (it doesn't get more organic, pasture fed, or humanely handled than moose killed by a fast moving truck.  Yes, that is how we roll in AK) accompanied by 1 large carrot, half an onion, one red bell pepper, and a cup of spinach sauteed in coconut oil, chased down with 6 oz of kombucha and a tbsp of organic beef gelatin.  2 cups black coffee


Lunch was the leftovers from breakfast, approximately 1/3 of the above, with a whole avocado and an entire bag of frozen brussel sprouts in coconut oil.


Dinner will be ground turkey, onions, spinach, and a head of cauliflower, quick sauteed then roasted.


I have HIIT class at 3:30, but it should be fine, as this isn't my first go at living paleo, and carb flu hasn't set in yet.  See you tomorrow!   :)

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