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Palm-sized portion of protein


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So.. I'm not sure whether to consider my humongoid hands a blessing or a curse at this point. Useful for palming a basketball, but not so useful for Whole30 meal planning.


You know, 1 - 2 palm-sized portions of protein at every meal and all that. Could potentially mean I eat a whole chicken all at once. 




(Just kidding, it's a blessing. Protein YUM!)

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hahah, Ih ave wondered about this too. I have HUGE hands, especially considering I am only 5' tall. Im actually 4'11 3/4" but who's counting right? 


I wear a Womans size large glove, and often that is too small and I need mens gloves.  Size ten feet!  My husband and I have the same size hands and he's 5'10" 


I can fit four eggs in my hand but not in my stomach!!!

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