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Laura's First Whole30 Log!!!


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Day 1: Scale-Shock

It's my first day on Whole30 and I am both super-terrified and super-excited. As I've said before, I am quite possibly the worst eater EVER! I'm actually surprised that I'm not a diabetic. My moment of truth came when I received my yearly health assessment from my employer that said I now fall into the obese category. Ouch!


So I spent 4 1/2 hours in the kitchen last night preparing my breakfast and lunch for the next several days. Had I really thought this through, I would have left my meat out thawing yesterday morning so I didn't waste so much time staring at frozen meat and being really frustrated, but I'll know better next time.


This morning I jumped on the scale as soon as I got up. How in the world did I get here???!!! I put that sucker far FAR away and am looking forward to not having to see it again for 30 days! Then I took my before pics, and all I can say is OMG...I really had no idea I looked like that! Failure is just not going to be an option for me!


Meal 1:
Paleo Breakfast Cups with 2 modifications. First, I cooked mine in a casserole dish because it was just easier and quicker for me. Second, I couldn't find breakfast sausage that didn't have ANY sugar, so I made my own using this recipe (using ground turkey instead of pork): http://healthylivinghowto.com/1/post/2012/07/say-goodbye-to-jimmy-dean.html. I have to say here that this was sooooo good! I like eggs but I get tired of them very quickly. This had so much meat in it that I really didn't even notice that it was an egg-based casserole. But it was VERY pepper-y (black pepper that is). VERY! I'm not sure if it's because I made my own sausage or if that's just the way the recipe was written, but I would not have changed one thing. De-lish!
12 cherry tomatoes (because I knew I didn't get enough veggies from the casserole)
After finishing my breakfast, I had a cup (or 4) of coffee with cocount milk. It wasn't awesome, but definitely better than no coffee at all. I will surely get used to it. 4 cups is not the norm for me...that was kind of a double-whammy. I must admit that when I poured plain old cow's milk for my children this morning and didn't add any to my coffe, I kinda felt like I was neglecting an old, faithful friend.


Meal 2:
Paleo Shake 'n Bake Chicken
Green Goddess Cauli Rice (this was a very interesting flavor...tomorrow I will add a little Frank's Red Hot Sauce)
Mixed berries
So so good!


2:00 CRASH!...This is where I would usually down a 20 oz Diet Dr Pepper from that blasted vending machine in my office. Now I'm just sucking down as much extra water as I can and dying to get out of here and cook dinner. I'm not hungry...I just want something with some flavor...something besides H20!


Meal 3:
No-Fuss Salmon Cakes from ISWF (These were phenomenal!!!)
Roasted Asparagus
Spaghetti Squash (my first time with spaghetti squash...will be doing this again)


I even worked in a 20 minute jog on the treadmill...go me!


There was honestly nothing I ate today that I didn't really enjoy. As I was salivating over salmon patties, I started feeling a little guilty because I really enjoyed eating today...enjoyed it a lot. I need some Moderator out there to tell me what I did wrong...

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Day 2: No Appetite?  Really???


So yesterday was Day 2 here in the wonderful world of my first Whole30.  I slept well the night before, woke up hungry, and took two bites of my breakfast only to realize that I didn't want it.  Two bites and I was tired of eating.  Two bites and all of that wonderful food that I ate on Day 1 that I went to bed looking forward to eating again just didn't sound good.  I suffered through it...45 minutes of suffering through it to get my entire Meal 1 down (same as Day 1...Paleo Breakfast Cups and cherry tomatoes).  I tried adding cinnamon and nutmeg to my not-so-awesome coffee and I think I got WAAAAAAAAAAY too much nutmeg.  Not good.  Didn't even finish it.  So I expected to feel like road-kill by the afternoon but was pleasantly surprised and made it through fine!


Spent my morning very discouraged that my brain was already on Day 21 of Whole30...you know, the day when you're just over it.  Wondering how in the world I was going to get through my lunch.  Suprisingly, by the time my lunch rolled around, I was ready for it and had a renewed interest in paleo-me.  Meal 2 was the same as Day 1 also (shake 'n bake chicken, green goddess cauli rice, and berries) although I did add the hot sauce to my cauli rice and YUM!  Meal 3 was the same as Day 1 as well but salmon somehow tasted even better. I'm a southern girl who loves her leftovers...almost everything gets a little richer after it sits for a day or two!  I'm thinking my spaghetti squash would be better with some ghee or clarified butter maybe???


Stuck in the kitchen before bed fixing the kids' lunches for the next day and completely overwhelmed by the sugar dragon and I gave in...I cannot tell a lie...I ate a cherry in a fit of desperation! 

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Day 3: Delaying the Inevitable...
You know that feeling when you know something bad is going to happen but waiting on it is as much torture as the dreaded event itself???  That's how I feel!  Day 3 and no hangover...yet!  To be perfectly honest, I feel amazing.  I am sleeping great, I woke up with a ton of energy today, and I'm just in an overall fantastic mood.  And it's a gloomy day here in Georgia...I think we got dumped about 22-inches of rain in 37 minutes this morning (yes, exaggeration)!  Down.Pour.  The kind of day where I should want to curl up on my couch and watch Teen Beach Movie and High School Musical with my little cuties all day.  But I'm in it today...5K in the rain anyone??? 


But there's this nagging little reminder that it's only temporary, like the Slapsgiving episode of How I Met Your Mother...Barney knows Marshall is going to slap him and Marshall keeps making him wait for it and wait for it and wait for it because he knows the waiting is worse than the slap itself!  That's how I feel right now.  Can't we just get it over with?  Why must you continue to torture me with your threat of...well, torture?!

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