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Almond milk


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Most dairy I can do without, but I love a bit of cream in my coffee.

During my last whole30, I used coconut cream and kind of burned myself out.

Wanted to give almond milk a try and decided to make my own after not finding a compliant option at the store.

I have made two batches so far.


1c. Almonds

3c. Water

One whole vanilla bean split in half and removed the seeds

Cinnamon (did not measure, maybe 1/2 tsp?)

I soaked almonds for six hours. (All I had on hand was sliced almonds, I would have soaked whole almonds overnight). I used a blender to blend and then strained with a fine strainer. Oh yes, on a whim at the last moment, I added some coconut cream in the blender, maybe 1/4 cup.

Mistake #1, I did not use cheesecloth, it was gritty gritty gritty.

Advantage: it was a nice flavor once I finally got the grit out the following day with cheesecloth


Armed with cheesecloth, I felt empowered to try again. A couple of changes based on my store visit... The bulk bins were out of raw whole almonds so I got slivered blanched almonds. Also, I bought vanilla powder and thought I would try that out.

1.5 c of almonds

3c water

1tsp vanilla powder


After soaking overnight this time, I blended (this time without coconut cream, only because I forgot) and used cheesecloth to strain. It looked great and I was so excited to add it to my coffee.

Mistake # 2- bitter bitter bitter, a huge disappointment, I was much closer in batch one, leading me to the following questions:

Was it because I used blanched almonds?

Was it the vanilla powder?

Did I let it soak too long?

My guess is the almonds, and before I try again tomorrow, I thought I would try for some advice.

Almond milk advice: GO!

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I tried to do the same thing. I made home-made almond milk for my coffee, but found that it was not anywhere near as creamy as dairy milk. I used whole raw almonds, soaked them overnight in enough water to cover them by about an inch. Then I drained the soaking water off and added fresh water. I used a 1:2 ratio of almonds (pre-soak volume) to water, so 1 cup almonds to 2 cups water. Then I blended it up and strained through muslin cloth. It didn't do hardly anything to the flavor of the coffee.


What I ended up doing is taking the home made almond milk, which is only good for about 2 days in the fridge and left me with about 1 cup almond milk, then I added about a cup of coconut cream, and about 1/2 cup coconut oil and boiled it for a couple minutes, which sort of pasteurizes it so it will last a little longer, but also emulsifies all the fats with the water-based almond milk. I ended up with a thick, rich, cream that works beautifully in my coffee. I also added a vanilla bean to it while it boiled. Oh, and I use a stick blender on my coffee after I add the creamer.

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bitter bitter bitter, a huge disappointment


It could likely have been the almonds. I would taste one of your almonds first and see how it is. They should get sweeter, actually, after soaking, but just a little bit. Longer soaking (within reason-not more than 12ish hours?) is better. Changing water once might help. If they have skins, after soaking you might try slipping off the skins (takes a while but removes bitterness.


When I used to make almond milk*, I would do almonds, water and a pinch of sea salt, nothing more. You might want to try making it that way, then adding vanilla powder to taste? 


*I never make this anymore...eventually I just got over needing anything "milky" in my coffee.

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I used one cup of raw almonds and soaked them in water.  I didn't feel like running the tap to get warm water so I microwaved the almond/ water slurry for four minutes to warm the water.  After an hour, the skins slid right off of the almonds!  I was thrilled.


My recipe:  1 cup blanched skinless almonds to 3 cups filtered water.  Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, a pinch of salt and some vanilla.  Blend, strain and add maple syrup or not, to taste.

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