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Facebook Rudeness - a Rant


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I do try to cut people some slack on Facebook, many people on it are new to the internet and not really aware of how rude some things can sound, but don't put up with any bullying.


The number of people using Facebook via phones makes it worse too, photos are small and blurry, threads don't always load completely and phone alerts can be invasive (depending on how they're configured), often prompting people to respond in a grumpy manner.

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But seriously who cares, if they want to stuff themselves with pop tarts and diet coke for breakfast, then that's their problem, you can be confident in the fact that you are making awesome nutritional decisions that are going to make you a lot healthier and happier.  plus when you get to the point where you body is off all of the sugars and simple carbs and has turned into a fat burning machine, your results will really just speak for themselves.  Your body composition, skin, hair, moods etc will be great, and these guys will continue out growing their pants every 9 months or so.  


I think part of the reason people are so rude is due to attitudes like this. 


Just because someone doesn't like what you are eating, doesn't mean what they are eating isn't healthy. Or that they are "stuffing them selves with diet coke and pop tarts"  Its that holier then thou, if you're not with me you're agasint me attitude that is such a turn off. 


For example, I find runny egg yolks to be disgusting. I can't even stand the sight of them without gagging. I do not like deviled eggs. I might think "EWW GROSS"  towards them if I am doing a W30 or swilling back hfcs.   No, I don't go posting things like that to facebook nor do I even say it when I am eating with people and they order their eggs this way.  


Not saying that the OP has this attitude but so many people do. Be it about exercise, food, politics what have you. Ever hung out in a room full of triathletes? fml....So many people say "live and let live" but so few really practice that. 


OP, perhaps you should create a special friends list on FB for your W30 people. Then, make the photo visable to only those people. 

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