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Morning Workout and meal plannning


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I am starting Whole30 on 1/17 and I workout very early in the morning (6:00 AM). With a long commute to the gym (1 hour). I usually eat breakfast in the car on my way and eat a light post post workout meal. Schedule looks a little like this...


Wake up 4:30 AM

Eat breakfast 5:00 AM

Workout 6:00-7:00 AM

Post Workout meal 8:00 AM


I am having trouble getting my head around planning breakfast plus my pre and post workout meals. This is one more meal than I normally eat. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I commute to exercise early morning also and then go straight to work as a teacher.

For many breakfasts, I will roast cubed sweet potatoes the night before

In the morning, I will do a very very quick sauté with the sweet potatoes in clarified butter, and then sprinkle a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and some coconut cream... Yum, I nibble on the commute.

I also will prep a ton of breakfast muffins for the week

I like to use a compliant sausage, spinach, and/or zucchini, shallots sautéed to soften with seasonings as you prefer.

Then I strain excess water, and mix in a small amount of almond flour, and a few eggs.

Poor into muffin tins and bake.

I then will take a few in the morning for a post workout meal. Zero early morning work for those. Good luck!

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These are all great ideas, but I wanted to chime in with some of the whole30 "athlete" recommendations. I'm not sure what you are doing for your workout, but the ideal nutrition according to whole9 would restrict carbs before the workout (so a mini-meal of just protein and fat) and then limit fat after the workout (a second mini-meal of carbs and protein). Restricting carbs beforehand helps your body get out of the habit of exclusively using carbs to fuel activity--if they are available, you'll use them first, but it is better to become more flexible in what fuel your body can use. Restricting fat afterwards allows the carbs and protein to get into your tissues asap and repair muscles and restore glycogen (fat slows digestion, which is usually great but not so much in the window post-exercise).


The pre-workout mini-meal can be pretty darn small, because basically all you are doing is signalling to your body that it is ok to start burning fat that is already available. I do one hard boiled egg. Some people do a couple and dip them in guacamole or mayo. Coconut oil or coconut butter or even nut butter works for some people.


The post-workout mini-meal is usually a bit bigger, like 1/2-1 palm of roasted chicken breast and some sweet potato. Depending on the kind of workouts you do, you may not need the sweet potato (or as much sweet potato). do some experiementing and see how you feel.


Of course, all of this assumes these are additional meals. If you are trying to combine your post-workout meal with meal #1, then you need more protein. Aim for 1+1/2 palms as a guideline, and add some non-starchy veggies as well.

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Thanks for the replies...I also finished reading It Starts with Food and the section on eating and exercise was very helpful. Today is Day 4 and Friday was the only day I had to manage my morning workout so far. Eating right after my workout was hard, not at all hungry, but will stick with it.

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