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Chinese food and birthday cake


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Today is my sister's birthday and the first time I will be eating out at a restaurant while on W30. We're going to our family's favorite Chinese restaurant and there will definitely be delectible chocolate cake. I need a plan for success or I might find myself face down in a plate of food like "Mommy's little piggy" Randy in the Christmas Story.


Unfortunately, none of their food is W30 compliant - not even close. I've thought of some strategies that might work, but haven't settled on THE plan yet. Ideas are:

1) Eat before we go out so that I'm satisfied and not tempted to eat at the restaurant. Drink sparkling water with lime while there. Maybe bring my own herbal tea so I don't get hopped up on their delicious green tea.

2) I could also ask to go to a different restaurant, but I feel that it would be rude since it is her birthday dinner.


As for the cake, I really shouldn't eat it because it would mean I'd have to start the W30 all over again.

Eating the cake will not help with my skin and digestive issues. Instead I could bring some dates rolled in coconut. That is still a lot of sugar.


I'll post my meals here later tonight for accountability.

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Good luck that is a tough call! I would go with your 1st idea and eat before and take your own tea. Maybe you could make your own stir fry and take it in with you...explain that your doing the whole30 and your sisters birthday is something you cant miss...an hope that they understand and let you take in your own...good luck :)

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I ended up asking my sister if she would be interested in going to a sushi restaurant and she thought that would be fun. I felt a lot of relief when she agreed to it because I knew I could eat at least one thing on the menu. Overall, it was a successful dinner in terms of W30 and I didn't feel deprived at all - much to my astonishment. Typically I'd be all over the sushi rolls and the birthday cake, but I might have actually enjoyed celebrating with my family while sticking to W30 more than if I were going through a sugar rush and feeling too full after eating a big slice of cake. That's kind of mind blowing for me...


Day in review:

Breakfast - sausage with nothing else. I was in a rush and forgot my breakfast at home, so ate some leftover sausage.

Lunch - Tuna salad with avocado and lime over arugala. This was at 2:30 after a long student crisis. I think I was really hungry, but sometimes afer those stressful marathons it's hard to tell if it's my stomach or my amygdala talking.

Dinner - Sashimi and a bite of salad. I realized the dressing was sweet, so I didn't eat it.


That's definitely one of my least beautiful days, but at least it was compliant and I felt good about it.

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