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Paige's 2nd Whole 30


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Just completed week one of my second whole 30 and it was an absolute breeze. I'm not sure why that is, but I have literally had no cravings. I haven't needed to rely on fruit at all, I haven't sought out dessert substitutes like berries and coconut cream. I'm having a lot of joint soreness right now so I'm not working out very hard -- that might actually be helping because I'm not burning through a lot of carb stores. 


Anyway, so far so good.


My goal is to lose 35 pounds this year so while I'm doing a very strict Whole 30, after this my plan is to basically stay on plan until the weight is lost. I don't think I want to be/will be able to be super strict Whole 30 until this is accomplished, but I think on a day-in/day-out basis, I can do it. On a standard Wednesday when I'm just working and cooking dinner in, there's no reason why I can't stay on plan.


This is my first entry in this log - just wanted to have a place to post my feelings and observations as I go through this. 


Onward, day 8!

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