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Started on January 6th


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Hi everyone, I have never used a forum before but was told to use this one because it would help me get through the next 30 days and beyond. So here goes, I decided to do the whole30 after being paleo since April of last year. When I was sticking to it, I felt great. I slowly slipped into 80/20ish when I was training for a half marathon and then about two weeks before the race started eating poorly. When the race was over I decided I would eat whatever I wanted until my start date. In the mean time I stopped running and gained 10+ pounds.

So now I have not only started whole30 but have decided to take out nuts and coffee. I'm on day 4 and I'm doing ok. Tuesday was hard! Starting Tuesday I also started feeling sore in my legs, yesterday it got worse and moved into my butt and now today my hips too. I haven't had enough energy to start exercising yet but I think I might have to so that I might stop feeling like this. Any suggestions for why this is happening or anyone else that experienced it?

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