Mastitis and antibiotics during whole30? help!

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Hi all, I am on day 9 and feel a case of possible mastitis coming on. ): I know it can be treated without antibiotics although I do have a history of bouts that were difficult to get rid of without antibiotics. What is the recommendation for taking antibiotics during the Whole30? My concerns are if antibiotics upset the natural balance of all the good 'little critters' in the gut, wouldn't they set me back as far as the gut healing process goes? Hoping I can get through with extra fluids and rest, but I wanted to be prepared if I do need the meds. Normally I end up on big-gun antibiotics like Keflex because i have an allergy to amoxycillin and ezithromycin. Its really harsh on the gut. Thoughts?

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Can you get an antibiotics injection instead of oral?  That will be much less stress on the GI tract from what I've always heard.  Amoxicillin will usually not kill the staph bacteria that causes mastitis so you probably shouldn't take that, anyway.  


Cephalexin is pretty common.  Is that Keflex?


You take the abx if you have to take them and load up with probiotics and prebiotics while on them and afterwards.


Apple cider vinegar, garlic, oil of oregano, tea tree oil, cranberries for yeast overgrowth.  Since you are eating Whole30 and aren't eating sugars, you might not see the typical overgrowth this time.  Stick to Whole30 even if technically you 'blow it' for some reason because you are on antibiotics.  There is some evidence that probiotics actually only help the existing bacteria in the gut and do no add new beneficial bacteria according to an NPR report I heard on the radio recently.  PREbiotics can help, though!  Cultured veggies.


If you can get them, try taking 2 capsules North American Herb and Spice Wild Oil of Oregano for a few days to see if you can knock this infection down before it gets out of hand.  Take garlic.  


Good luck!!

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