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Commencing Week Two-Start Date Jan. 2!


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Hello Everyone!


My name is Sophie and I started my Whole30 on January 2 along with an amazing group of people who decided to unite and do it as a team challenge. Seems like January 2 was the start date for a lot of people. It's really cool to be able to connect with others who are all doing this at the same time! This is my first Whole30, but I've been following a generally paleo lifestyle for about a year now. Weight loss definitely started out as and remains to be one of my goals, but I strive to reach that goal in the healthiest way possible.


When I started the challenge, I decided that a blog was a great way to keep my focus and track my progress, and a great way to share the journey with others and possibly even inspire or motivate someone to make positive changes in their own life. I try to make my posts not only motivational, but informative and educational, as well as entertaining and lighthearted. Please check it out, follow me, let me know what you think...I would love to have people's input and feedback!




I'm very excited to be a part of this forum and am really looking forward to interacting and making connections with people here! Best of luck to every single one of you.


...if it doesn't CHALLENGE U, it doesn't CHANGE U...

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