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Starting February 2nd


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I'm so excited to prepare for my Whole30. Actually, it's OUR Whole30 as the hubby has agreed to work as a team on this venture! 


He's been eating clean for over a year, and I have been slowly adopting clean eating and now a paleo lifestyle over the past 6 months.  After ready Well Fed and now Well Fed2, I'm eager to try Whole30!


Looking forward to the results!

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Hi team,

I'm starting 1st Feb and have never tried Paleo before :o

I'm a lil worried as I live with my husband and a housemate who won't be joining the Whole30,

Which means I can't 'clear out the pantry n fridge' etc, but also means that I will be surrounded by all sorts of things that I'm eliminating,

Any tips on how to resist or counteract the inevitable temptations would be awesome



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Hello!  My hubby and I started together, but we have 2 small children that we are not having do the Whole30 yet.  While we aren't cleaning out our pantry, I made sure all of MY trigger foods were out!!  I have been doing Pale for about a month, the Whole30 is a little different, but not that much so it was an easy transition!


Good luck with your Whole30!  How is it going?

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Today is Day 5


Feeling great!  Had a slight headache on Day 1, 2 and morning of Day 3.  I was also hungry on the first three days, but yesterday and today I feel much better!


I am definitely seeing inflamation decrease and certain aches and pains are going away.  Today I feel like I have more energy and I'm ready to go!!


Hubby is doing well too.  He was great Day 1, but hungry Days 2-4.  We'll see what today brings.  Been trying to encourage more veggies for him.  I'm so proud of how well he's taking to it!! {not a veggie eater at all before!!!}


And here is a message from our sponsor {a.k.a. our 2 year old}:



Off to play!!

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It's Day 7 and feeling great!  I just peeked at "The Timeline" and I'm happy to say, yesterday and the day before I did not feel like napping.  I wasn't full of energy, but I had a great productive day and my head feels so clear!!


Today is a Sunday, it's snowing {for the 50th time this year} and we have nothing really scheduled.  Going to be a nice relaxing day at home with the kids and cooking up for the week!


Here is a typical meal plan for me:


Meal #1:

Handful of Spinach

1-2 sliced mushrooms

1-2 sliced up green pepper {or red or yellow}

1 green onion diced

{sauteed in unrefined coconut oil about 1/2 TBSP}

add 3 eggs

and scramble

1 banana



Meal #2

This depends on the meal from the night before however, here are some favorites:

Main Dishes w/ Veggies included

Waldorf Tuna Salad {recipe compliments of Well Fed} on a bed of spinach

Turkey Chili on a bed of spinach

Grilled {or oven baked} chicken salad with homemade Italian Dressing {recipe compliments of Well Fed}


Just Veggies {to add to any protein}

Butternut Squash {see my own recipe here}

Green or Red pepper slices

Green beans



+ a Fruit - I usually have an orange


Meal #3

Almond flour baked Chicken Breast

Turkey Chili


Pad Thai {recipe compliments of Well Fed}

Broccoli Beef with Spaghetti Squash {stir fry sauce recipe compliments of Well Fed}

Lamb Spaghetti

Crock pot whole chicken with salad

Baked Chicken Salad {or grilled if there isn't 2 feet of snow on the grill}


What the hubby said last night, "It's nice that there is actually flavor to the food!"  HA!  I think when you hear "eating whole foods" or "no processed foods" you think automatically No Flavor.  But that is far from the truth!!  I truly thank Melissa Joulwan for her AWESOME recipes!!  Without her books I may have said the same thing, but her recipes have guided my own creations and I'm so thankful that we can eat so well AND enjoy it!!


Ok, off to hang out with my little nuggets!

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So, last night I made cauliflower soup {recipe compliments of Well Fed}.  It was delicious!!  I used chicken broth so it will be a great gravy for almond baked chicken or just to eat as my veggie on the side!  So excited and it was so easy.


Today I feel hungry.  Could be I'm home with the kids this afternoon and they are running all around.  Could be I needed more at lunch.  Hmmm.. well, dinner is in an hour and I'm ready!  Going to use some of my cooked up ground beef and spaghetti squash and make some spaghetti tonight!!


I will say I thought - oooh spaghetti, shakie cheese!  Well, no cheese.  : (  This is the one thing I will say I miss is cheese. That is the only item I can see adding back after the Whole30. Yes, I know it's not Paleo, but I may be willing to risk it! : )  Honestly, bread is not a problem for me.  And after the last few weeks, fried food {my absolute arch nemesis} no longer has a hold on me either. 


When we were in Disney, we tried to eat as clean as possible.  It actually was a little easier being in California!  But we did great with no breads and grains or fried foods for the most part!  And I didn't feel as though I suffered or missed out.  I think that is why I so firmly believe I can live this lifestyle. 


Alright, the kids are screaming now and desperately calling for attention, so off I go to play Ladybug Girl and Diggers!  : )

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We are on Day 13!  Hard to believe we are almost 1/2 way through.  The days seem to go by fast enough and we are so organized now it's just a way of life.


I planned out the months recipes the other day and typed them up {see here}.  While we can switch it up if we feel like it, the month plan gave me the opportunity to make the grocery list easier, Sunday cook ups are easier and now we're in a rhythm.  I just printed and posted to our fridge.  Now we know what to pull out of the freezer if necessary!  My next step for after the Whole30 may be to make up some freezer meals.  Take fresh meat and seasonings and bag them up for future cooking.  We'll see, not sure if that's necessary.


Don't get me wrong - this is not a walk in the park.  The girls at work thought it would be a great idea to bring 3 bags of cookies and milk to work on Friday for Valentine's.  I have networking 1-2-1's and they all want to meet at Panera or other local restaurants.  It's been challenging, but I'm feeling great and sticking to my guns.  It's only 30 days.  The benefits WAY out number the taste of a those cookies.  And it's not like those things will not be there later if I choose to partake another day.


I also have had a couple nights where we needed to use up the meat from our Sunday cook up so I deviated from the original plan, but we stayed on track and it didn't seem like such a catastrophe. 


I think I it seemed like such a chore to cook every night and racked my brain for what to make.  Don't ask my why - I have no idea and I have no idea why this seems so much easier, as clearly it's WAY more work!


Now, the only down fall I'm having is feeling some bloating.  I think it's from too much cauliflower.  I made the cauliflower soup and we've had cauliflower rice two days this week.  Sooo, this week - limit the cauliflower and see what happens!!


Ok, off to the grocery store!

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Whew, so 3 1/2 hours later and I think I have the cook up for the week done!  It included:


Dinner for tonight {which was Pad Thai Chicken - from my favorite Paleo/Whole30 chef Melissa Joulwan}


Spaghetti Squash for tonight's dinner and left over for the week's meals

Butternut squash - double batch casserole

Mayonnaise - double batch

Homemade Italian dressing {just 2 servings, but we have plenty of mayo for more later if need be}

Waldorf Tuna Salad - double batch

Cut up peppers, green onion and carrots for the week


I didn't do our usual meat cook up because we aren't busy after work so, I think we'll be ok - and with some left overs we can either eat for lunch or have for another dinner.  I'll do a crock pot whole chicken on Tuesday, so we'll have left over there for sure!


Thankful for my amazing hubby who occupied the kids when they weren't "helping"!!  As for the rest of the day, I made 2 giant cushion forts, was "Batman's Mother", a client for my daughter the hairdresser, read books and was a tickle monster.  I think I'm ready for bed - anyone else?

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Today I'm feeling tempted. Not sure why - but my little one's piece of toast is sitting there and she didn't finish it.  I'm not usually a bread fan, but this is my favorite bread and it has butter on it.  I threw it away, but man, why was I so tempted?


Tonight my work out partner and I go back to the gym.  We've had 3 weeks off due to our vacation and other business travel and illness.  So, I'm excited to get back to it!  I'm hoping that will generate some more motivation and pump me up again! 


Yesterday, I was at a bridal show for my invitation business and I was in the room with the buffet and sandwiched between two cake vendors. I was so proud of myself, I wasn't even tempted!  I wasn't even hungry most of the day, but I packed some lunch and was able to eat in 1/2 way through the show.  I am determined!!  16.5 days to go!

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