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Brenda/Diane 35-ED (cyproterone + ethinyloestradiol)


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I'm currently on the cyproterone/ethinyloestradiol CP, but am considering going off of it.  Has anyone else used this and stopped?  Any side effects?  I've been on it for years for acne but after just reading the wikipedia site for cyproterone I'm thinking it will be best to stop it.  I'm hoping the fact that I'm now a bit older and eating clean whole30-style that whatever was causing the acne should stop now.  When I started on it I was a poor carb-junkie uni student which probably didnt help!!


any advice would be great!!

(my GP is a chocolate scarfing podgy bellied guy, so I doubt any of his advice would be useful).



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Hi danbutzy84,


I was put on Diane after trying to stop taking another type of the pill, which made me feel greasy/gross/completely disgusting in my own skin (yep, my doctor told me the best solution was to go back onto a different pill... quite frustrating). I wanted to stop because I just don't think being on permanent hormone treatment can be very good for me. I stopped taking Diane a few months ago and I was getting to that greasy point just before I started my first Whole30 Jan 1. I'm now halfway through and my skin feels a thousand times better - even had a couple of comments saying how well I look, which is always nice. Still a little oily, but everything just seems to be clearing up and healing.


Bearing in mind, this is an extremely personal decision, and no-one can tell you what you should do. This is just my observation so far. I am eating strictly according to Whole30 plan, so I'll be interested to see how I go with reintroducing other foods afterward.


Good luck!

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the whole30 doesn't tell you to stop any medication, so that one is up to you.


Anecdotally, though: I was experiencing some really terrible acne before I started this plan (and using all kinds of prescription creams and even an antibiotic for a while to address it). Now my skin is pretty great most of the time and I can cope with the small amount of hormonal acne I do get without medication.


Most skin issues (ezema, acne, psoriasis) are related to issues with gut permiability, so there is a good chance whole30 will help this for you too. One word of warning, though: sometimes things get worse before they get better, and you may experience "purging" through the skin. Try to be gentle with your skin and yourself if this happens.  :)


Liz Wolfe's Skintervention Guide is a great resource on this topic as well.

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