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First time doing Whole30 - January 13


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This is the first time I've heard about Whole9 or Whole30. A friend of mine told me about it after I posted a status on Facebook about living with OAS(oral allergy syndrome), soy allergies, and (currently out of control) Asthma. It makes eating and working out a nightmare, so when I read it could possibly help me with the allergies and asthma I was excited! I'm the only one in my house doing it so I can't go and clean out my pantry. It will be a bit of a challenge but nothing I can't handle. If anyone has a word of encouragement, that would be greatly appreciated!!  

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Hi Komanduhh!


I started Whole30 on Jan. 6. I had been thinking about the paleo "diet" on and off for the last two years. I had asked around on Facebook and someone I went to high school recommended Whole30. I started doing research and decided I needed to give it ago.


I have OAS as well. I can't eat kiwis or mangos without my tongue swelling up, even though I've been tested negative for both.


I am allergic to corn, eggs, bananas, cantaloupe, peaches, ginger, crab, lobster, oats and mushrooms. I also have asthma and currently take a maintenance inhaler daily, neubalizer treatment as needed, emergency inhaler and a daily pill.


Since I have started, I have been able to cut back on ALL of my medicines for allergies and asthma. I was even able to work out at the gym yesterday without puffing on the emergency inhaler first. The only thing I can say is that sometimes I get the worst cravings for dark chocolate or red wine. Hopefully those will pass.




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