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I had a follow-up with my PCP this morning to review a rheumatoid panel that I had run last month and have more blood drawn for comparison. We all know how doctor appts go... how are you feeling, what changes have you made, etc...

For the last couple of days I have been feeling so stinkin AWESOME that I had to share my W30 journey with everyone!! 

My doctor said that I was the second person that had mentioned the Paleo diet this week.  He mentioned that he had done "a little reading" just to find out more on the topic, but admitted he was still not very well versed.  I recommended that he read It Starts with Food and The Paleo Solution and chatted some more about my improving EVERYTHING, (including how I suspect I will no longer needing my Xanax RX any longer as I feel so lighthearted and calm these days.)

So, in short, by the time we opened the door, he seemed genuinely interested in Paleo, had written down the names of both books, and promised to read them asap!

To me, this was groundbreaking!!  My colitis journey has been maddening because it seems asinine that medical professionals seem to base so little if any importance on diet and nutrition!

Even better than the recognition from my doctor was what happened next with the lab tech that I have become familiar with...

"How is your New Year going" turned again to the W30 and I ended up explaining it all to her.  She listened intently and stated simply: I'm going to do that.  Like now.  How do I get started? 

It turns out that she was scheduled for a CT later today because of increasing stomach pain and cramping. 

I showed her the website and gushed about how great it is to be a part of a community of people that are supportive and like minded when you are trying to make major changes in your life!! 

On leaving, she thanked me and said that there was obviously a higher power at work here, and it was a blessing that I walked into her lab today.

Thanks to all in the W30 community!  This is a great thing going on here, and it made me crazy happy to be able to share it with others! 

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