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Day 29 & 30


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I won't probably post anything in my log for these days, although I will stay on track with foods and ingredients. As you can imagine, the water problem [2" water in my basement] and accompanying chaos of workmen all over etc. etc. is totally wreaking havoc around here. To further complicate life, I'm getting on a plane at Dulles tomorrow early to go the New Mexico to see my new grandson, so all the packing etc that goes with that. I have food plans through tomorrow night to stay W30.

I'll be starting a new W30 when I get back and really working on meal planning, size, timing, portions of meat/veg, relaxed atmosphere etc. This is an area I think I've been especially weak on. I don't know if I'll weigh or not before then, but going by lots of other things, I'm better off than 28 days ago. I didn't expect miracles in 30 days, and didn't get miracles but I've gained a lot of mood stability, healthier looking skin, firmer jaw line, better blood sugar and hunger control (much, much better). I'm stronger. Those are a big deal and they are progressive changes. I'm looking at this as a long term way of living change.

See you all on August 4th.

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