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Day 10 and still exhausted


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I am on day 10 and definitely very located and uncomfortable. But I am just exhausted all the time and my muscles are so sore. I ate a pretty clean PALEO diet for a year before doing this whole 30, but I did eat a lot more sugar in the form of chocolate before I started the whole 30.

Should I still be this tired and sore? I can't even think of working out and I teach so it is hard being this tired at a job that needs tons of focus and energy.

A typical day of food bc I know it helps troubleshoot:


2 slices of compliant deli turkey rolled up with avocado. A carrot and snap peas.


Homemade compliant butternut squash soup with meat or chicken in it

Some avocado if I am still hungry, occasionally a few compliant dried apple slices


Salad with lettuce and carrots, lemon, guacamole, and chicken.

I did have tuna boats on lettuce leaves with guacamole b/c I'm not doing eggs.


Chicken or meat

Sweet potato or broccoli, greens, zucchini, salad, something to make up 2 veggies

I don't eat a lot of raw veggies bc I have colitis and SIBO so everything has to be cooked and even then only a few veggies work for me.

I can not eat coconut bc of the colitis so avocado is really the only fat I can rely on. I'll eat olives but they're so salty I can't do an entire palm full. I am also off all eggs and nuts bc I am trying to do an AIP protocol.

Any thoughts on the incredibly low energy and muscle aches?

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sorry you aren't feeling good, but I think this should be an easy fix. It is clear from your log that you aren't eating enough. Not even close! Try a few days where you very carefully follow the meal template and see how things change. A palm or two of protein at each meal means a portion of protein the same cubic volume as your palm, not a thin slice of turkey the same outline as your palm. Does that make sense? More carb-dense veggies should also help with energy. Think winter squash, sweet potato, parsnips, carrots, etc. Avocado is a great fat source, but if you want to mix it up you might consider animal fats (ghee or clarified butter, beef tallow, duck fat, etc.) as another source.


Here's the template


Muscle aches could be a lot of things. I'm not sure how much you are drinking, but extra water might help.

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Only my two cents...

More protein two slices of lunch meat wouldn't get me through the morning. Make sure you are getting enough! Try a little more fat and starchy veggies like sweet potato. Avoid snacks like dried fruit. Spikes blood sugar then you crash.

Also, sometimes it takes a bit longer to regain optimum energy. Your body needs to become adapted to burning fat. It will happen! Stick with it.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The problem is I physically can't eat more than that. I just don't hold a lot of food at once, never have, never will. I also don't want to stretch my stomach out so that it expects large amounts of food all the time. I'm not hungry for 4-5 hours after I eat so it seems my body has adapted. I used to eat 6-7 times a day, paleo, but I did eat more fruit than I am now. Maybe it's the lack of fruit that's causing my troubles. I used to have cantaloupe in the morning, a clementine with lunch, and an apple or pear in the afternoon. That always helped my energy. I'll trudge on and hope everything equalizes. The dried fruit is actually dehydrated apples, they're crispy, and I literally eat 1 or 2 broken pieces. There's no sugar on them. They're not chewy.

With my colitis I think I just need smaller meals and a whole 30 isn't conducive to that but I'll keep trying.


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Maybe it's the lack of fruit that's causing my troubles.

-kind of, but adding more fruit won't help in the long term. It sounds like you have been running on sugar, ie. lots of little meals high in carbohydrate and low in fat. It makes sense that it would take a little while to transition to being a fat burner, but in order to transition you will have to actually eat protein and fat in sufficient quantity. It won't "stretch your stomach" I promise.

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Casjen - I know someone who also physically can't eat more because of colitis, so I understand that you don't want to eat larger meals. I'm no expert, but maybe you can still eat 5 - 6 meals a day as long as they follow the Whole30 meal planning template, but maybe split the quantities so they span a couple meals instead of just one?


Just wanted to express support - hope you figure it out!

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Thanks again for you feedback.  I was actually eating very clean paleo (no paleo treats at all), so I wouldn't say I was running on carbohydrates and sugar as I wasn't really eating any carbohydrates except for vegetables.  I would include a small piece of fruit with my meal, which is 100% paleo.  I can't remember the last time I ate a grain, or nuts etc.  I did have a bit more dark chocolate than normal before the whole 30, but otherwise my only carbs were in the form of fruit and veggies, like the whole30.  The only difference I think from my Paleo to my Whole 30 is no snacks and no fruits.  I think the issue for me is that with my colitis I probably need both.  But I'll keep with the whole30 and see how it goes. 

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I was actually eating very clean paleo (no paleo treats at all), so I wouldn't say I was running on carbohydrates and sugar as I wasn't really eating any carbohydrates except for vegetables. 

 Sorry, I didn't mean to offend, but I was refering to the fruit and dried fruit you said you were eating, not paleo treats.


At any rate, halas1 is right: if you can't work with a full template meal 3 times a day, you can do the program with 5 smaller meals, just meet the proportions of the template each time, making sure you include protein/fat and vegetables. In time you may find that you can shift to three meals, but this one it is ok to do gradually if that works better for you.


good luck.

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