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Sweet Journey! (And a question in the end)


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Hi everybody, my name is Natasha and I have started my paleo path on Monday, like many of you.

This is me now:



I think my phone makes me slightly slimmer. :) I am about 240 lbs. My dream weight is 130 lbs (I have lots of muscles). However any achievement will be happily welcomed, because my biggest goal is to become healthier. I have been struggling with a few conditions that really stay in the way of my happiness and active lifestyle that I so much want to live. My friend tried paleo and was amazed with results, so was I, so I am giving it a shot.

It has not been particularly easy, but I know it will be worth it. I don't have many cravings (I didn't think I'd have any at all, but I did a bit - for something baked, for milk and for wine). So far I am stunned with changes I have been experiencing. Here is the list of the changes I am undergoing within just 5 days:

- I wake up with no stiffness in my body (before it was a torture to stand up)

- I feel that I am becoming slimmer

- I am not as fatigued by the end of the day, and in general, I have more energy

- I don't have much appetite between meals

- Food smells more intense, including berries and fruits that I didn't feel had much sweetness, now taste very sweet

- Smells became more vivid and diverse! It feels like my smell had been asleep.

- I have much more clarity in my thoughts and feel much happier - not just because of the notion that I am doing something good for myself and already see results, but I believe also from the physiological point of view, it feels like what I am doing is straightening up the serotonin metabolism.


And of course, I am very happy that I found out about this way of being (rather than a diet), and I feel very empowered by it and what I am doing and what I am experienceing.


I also took some "before" photos in less clothes, which I will keep for now till I can show the "after" photos which will look significantly better. :)


I have one question though. Why do I sometimes feel sweet taste on my tongue, even when I didn't eat anything sweet? Sometimes I feel it in between meals.


Thank you for reading this far. I wish you all strength and luck on your way to the healthier you!

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Thats great results your getting so far!! Im starting my second W30 tomorrow. My first was amazing and I got great results & felt fantastic. Ive been eating Paleo since then but wanted to do another W30 and this time with the autoimmune protocol. Best of luck to you and Keep up the great work its totally worth it :)


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