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Oops! Sugar in the sunflower seed butter

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So last Whole 30, I checked the label of the sunflower seed butter we had in the fridge.  No sugar, nothing weird.  Perfect. I like to lick the knife after I make DS his sandwich (on sprouted grains because we aren't enforcing 100 percent paleo on him.)  And he gets one once or twice a week. No problem.    


Except I mindlessly did the same this go round. On Thursday I didn't think about it.  Friday I sort of thought it was a little sweeter than I remembered.  Today I thought I might have a spoonful with some apple slices and noticed that DH didn't buy the organic version but the natural version.


Sure enough there is sugar in there.


I'm on Day 9 and I'm stuck in the "want to nap" stage.  Of course, it has been rainy and windy or icy and windy here the last two days.  Everything else has been compliant and I haven't had any extra sugar cravings.  I've kept my fruit to a banana every other day, a sip of orange juice when I pour it for DS and that's been it. 


Do I start over for two days of tiny amounts of imperfect sunflower seed butter (It couldn't have been more than 1/8 of a teaspoon?  Or do I monitor how I feel on Day 30 and throw in a few extra days if I'm not feeling the magic?  




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My recommendation would be to delay reintroing sugar for 30 days, so you have 30 consecutive sugar-free days.


Oh, and no sips of oj.  :) Fruit juice is only to be used in limited amounts as a flavoring in cooking: not to drink.

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