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Do Whole30 Before Orthodox Lenten Fast?


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Hi everyone, I'm an Orthodox Christian and am wondering if it's a bad idea to do a Whole30 right before our fast begins. The traditional Orthodox Lenten fast forbids all meat, dairy, oil, fish and wine. Wine and oil are allowed on weekends and fish is allowed once during the fast.


What we call Meatfare Sunday is February 23rd. This is not the start of the Lenten fast but is the last time meat is allowed. The fast starts the following sunday (March 2nd) and is called Cheesefare Sunday because it is the last time dairy, fish, oil and wine are allowed until Easter.


I'm not sure I'll be able to keep the fast without eating grains and I'm afraid that going from the Whole30 to a strict vegan diet will cause issues.


What do you think?


Are there any other Orthodox Christians here who try to keep the Fast?




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I am an Orthodox Christian who tries to keep the fasts. Sorry to reply to such an old thread! I started my first Whole 30 after Lent during the fast free period before Pentecost a few years ago. Since then I have found it very difficult to keep the full high carb Lenten fast. I know there must be a way to do it! My priest is an old Atkins man and he allows those of us with health concerns to keep a paleo diet with no cheating instead of the full fast. He also recommends no red meat so we have something to feast on at Pascha. I generally dislike the way that removes me from the rest of my church community, though, so I tend to go back and forth from fast to fast.

I will be starting my next Whole 30 on the start date of the upcoming Apostle's Fast. What did you decide to do about yours?

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