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Extreme bloating


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Depending on your previous diet, this could just be a temporary readjustment of your gut.  The largest populations of gut bacteria are those needed to digest the foods we eat the most.  That's why Mexicans aren't bothered by a bean-heavy diet, but gringos suffer for their occasional forays into Mexican food.  They simply lack sufficient colonies of methane-eating bacteria.


If this program has caused you to change your food intake drastically, it could just be a side effect of the old, unneeded bacterial colonies dying off, while the newly necessary colonies are still struggling to grow to sufficient size to process your food efficiently.


If that is not a factor, take a look at what you might have consumed in the last day or two that was different.  I recently purchased a jar of ghee for the first time.  Previously, I have always made my own and never had an issue.  I have discovered that every time I use this ghee, I wind up with bad gas and bloating.  I'm guessing the ghee is not as clean as it should be, and that there are still some milk solids in it.  I can see where it is more difficult to make a pure product as part of a mass manufacturing project, so I am back to making my own in small batches.

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