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Starting my whole30 challenge tomorrow morning... Whenever I typically start a diet, my supplement routine is usually as follows:


  1. Multi-vitamin pack for men
  2. Fat burners (caffeine/ephedra mix or similar compound)
  3. Omega's
  4. CLA (added later)


Are these all whole30 compliant?





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We must have missed this one. Keep in mind all us moderator types are volunteers. The only way to answer the compliancey question is to look at the ingredients and make sure there are no off plan ingredients in them. If there are not you are welcome to take them.

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sorry I missed this one. Although it is true, as long as there are no off-plan ingredients, it is ok to take them...I wouldn't consider these supplements to be in the spririt of the whole30. I hope the OP tried the whole30 without the disruption of ephedra and caffeine pills.

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