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Day 6


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day 21:  Not very interested in food today, at least at breakfast and lunch.   I have to say doing the whole 30 has kind of sucked the joy out of eating and cooking.  I totally plan on eating fairly healthy after the whole 30 but I am looking forward to using my cookbooks again.


M1: fried egg, yam (since I really didn't want anything this was pretty huge)


M2:  2 hb egg, carrot, 1/4 of an apple (really needed to go to the store which I did after lunch)

S: banana w/toasted coconut chips and almonds (really hit the spot)


M3: chef salad w/homemade ranch dressing and baked chicken drumettes w/hot sauce (this meal I really enjoyed)

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day 24:  refrigerator problems solved, new refrigerator in place.  Exhausted.  Allergies are acting up.


M1: banana w/coconut chips and almonds (yes I know it doesn't meet the template but it is a much better choice than the pop-tart I thought about eating!)


M2: polish beef sliders (from Wellness meats), asparagus, scrambled egg, roasted sweet potato 


M3: improvised stir fry: brocoli, carrots, chicken and cashews w/a sauce made of  almond butter and juice of an orange (not too bad, made it to celebrate the Chinese New Year)

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day 25: rain, yeah! eating a little off schedule today, it happens


m1:  pumpkin w/coconut chips and spices, thinned with a little coconut milk, polish beef slider


s: apple w/sunflower butter


M2/3:  tuna w/lettuce and mayo, tomato soup

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day 26:  


M1: ??  I can't believe I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday!


M2:  beef brisket, yams, brussel sprouts


M3: buffalo chicken and salad w/homemade ranch dressing


Super Bowl snacks:  deviled eggs, cashews, olives, plantain chips


Day 27:


m1: 1/2 grapefruit, 2 hb eggs


M2: turkey soup, plantain chips, banana w/coconut chips and almonds, 1 deviled egg


M3:  pork chop, yam, cauliflower

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