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First Whole 30 began on Jan. 10


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I am not really a chatty forum person but I wanted to introduce myself here for accountability's sake. After a few false starts, I am now on Day 4 of my first Whole 30. Last fall I did a 40 Days of Yoga challenge and that really put me into the mindset that I can do anything for a month.


I planned to start last Monday but that didn't work out. However, I haven't had a drink since then, which is a big deal because I am a huge fan of craft beer.


Other than beer I eat fairly healthy. I don't like sweets but I love fruit (especially citrus) and veggies. I like lean meat and game meats and though i love Italian food I don't eat it very often (nor potatoes or bread or other white stuff). I live in Houston and my biggest weakness is Mexican food.


I am working my way through the book in order to figure out what kinds of mini-meals are appropriate for someone who typically works out twice a day. Whole30 has been pretty easy so far but today I felt very snack-y. I had a super hard workout this morning and I've had a lot of dried fruit today (no sugar added so technically compliant). This has made me feel like my food choices today have been pretty abysmal. The pre-Whole30 me would call the day (maybe the week) a total loss and pig out, promising to start again tomorrow or next week, but I'm not going to do that this time. My partner left yesterday for a business trip to the Netherlands and so my day has had a lot less structure than normal. (He is also doing the program and will probably have a lot harder time this week that I will).


One of the biggest things I've noticed is feeling more EXCITED about food. At the grocery store last night, instead of thinking of all the things I couldn't have, I was thinking about all the new food combos I could experiment with. That outlook definitely helps with thinking about this as a long-term lifestyle change instead of feeling deprived. And when I was craving nachos yesterday I just told myself — it's not like you can NEVER have nachos. You can have then in 30 days when this is over, if you still want them.

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