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#5 Whole 30....


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This is my fifth W30.  I have successfully completed 4 in the past 3 years....I see this as a detox.  This is much needed after the holiday season....


today is Day 2, but I will chart my foods for Day 1 and Day 2.  Had really bad insomnia and realized I only ate 40 g carbs....not enough....so today I am aiming for 70 to 80 and seeing how that bodes.  Mark Sisson says to aim for under 100 per day so I feel good about that but for me the less the carb load the quicker the weight loss :)


I need to lose 40 lbs....I am a carboholic :lol:   I usually average 15 to 20lb weight losses during a Whole 30 detox....so off I go....wish me luck


Day 1 (jan 13)


Eggs two in ghee

cabbage also in ghee


Chocolate Chili  (Well Fed) recipe one and half cups

Almonds/fresh rasberries


Grilled small steak

1/2 sweet potato with ghee

fresh spinach

cabbage slaw with lime juice and apple cider vinegar


Day 2 today


Eggs two with ghee


organic raw almonds and 1/2 cup rasberries


leftover grilled steak from last night's dinner

leftover cabbage slaw


apple with sunflower butter



sauteed greens

squash with ghee




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Welcome back to the W30. I know you are a veteran to this but just a gentle reminder to make sure you eat enough vegetables with every meal especially with your first meal. If I'm reading you day 2 log correctly you had 2 snacks both containing fruit which should be left as a part of a meal. If you follow the template you shouldn't need to count carbs or anything else it should balance itself out correctly.

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where can I access the template on line....I have ISWF.....is there a PDF?  I know I have to start eating leftovers from dinner for breakfast....that always works with the food all prepared and ready to heat...I hate eating fruit but I got so sick yesterday from going from Christmas crazy carb loading to 40 g of carbs....my body was like WHAT???????  so I treated myself with two pieces of fruit but should have incorporated it as a meal, not a snack....lessons learned.  Actually, the apple with sunbutter was at my dinner meal....so that was good....but too much fruit is not good, that I know.  One step at a time, eh?

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Thanks Bethany, really appreciate your help.....


feeling better today and did what I should with meals and veggies..


Day 3:


B: 1 egg scrambled with small piece of salmon.  Large amount of sauteed spinach


L: Tuna salad with Well Fed Mayonnaise over a huge bed of baby spinach with all different colored peppers and onions


D: Grilled Lamb, carrots peppers and onion with squash 1/2 sweet potato with sm amt of ghee

1/2 apple



that's it.....holding strong

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Day 4:


B: eggs with sauteed spinach

L: Bone Broth with tons of veggies and beef

D: grilled chicken with tons of grilled veggies and 1/2 apple


Day 5:


B:  compliant bacon with eggs, sauteed spinach

L: tons of baby spinach with pepper/onions/tomato and leftover grilled chicken

D: Salad greens with leftover bacon/avocado/onion/tomato and peppers with olive oil   1/2 apple

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