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Getting out the kinks


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I am posting this now because I need to commit to doing the Whole 30 soon.  Right now we are in the "getting out the kinks" phase, in which we try to eat according to the plan, but without counting days or being super strict about it so that we can really get an idea of what it will be like and what we need to change before we start for real.  For instance, in making the Paleo chilli recipe that my partner made last week, she discovered that the brand of stewed tomatoes we typically buy has added sugar.  Really?!  And, this morning, as I went to have my egg scramble with home-raised chicken, onions and brocolli, I put a touch of oil in the pan instead of butter then realized that it was Canola oil and not Olive oil (we keep them both on the counter in unmarked but very distinct bottles and I just forgot).  Challenging.  :)


I'm super excited to start.  My partner (who does most of the cooking at home...okay, let's be honest, she does all of it) is nervous but on board.  We both know how much this will benefit the entire family but it's hard to break old habits, especially as the cook of the house, with established, tried and true recipes that we now have to stray from.  Hopefully she'll see the fun and excitement of testing out a whole bunch of new recipes.  I'm just so excited that she's decided to do this with me.  For me it was a medical decision.  For her it is based on making healthy choices and totally voluntary, but it is going to make the entire thing more possible.  I think those of you who are doing this alone in your households while everyone else goes on eating their comfort food should be very proud of yourselves.


The plan is to start Feb 1st. 

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