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Hi, I will be beginning my Whole30 on Monday, January 20th. I hope this thread can serve as a journal to document my progress, thoughts, feelings, difficulty and ultimately my success!


I've been eating 80/20 primal for about a year now, and recently fell off the wagon totally. During the holidays I allowed myself to go down the slippery slope where cheating becomes the norm, and then before you know it your 80/20 is the wrong way around! I've since come to the conclusion, after much denial that I am a sugar addict. I have all the symptoms; bad skin, tired all the time, bloated, irritable, food driven, cravings, unable to concentrate, foggy headed etc. Basically I feel like crap! I hope to use Whole30 to get back on track, re-set my body and feel good again!


I know that posting to this forum is going to be a huge part of keeping myself accountable. Any feedback, encouragement, or advice is welcomed!





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I too have been about 80-90% Paleo for a while now, but in the last few months things changed and I fell off the wagon and started eating more bread and sweets again. I blame some of it on peri-menopause. Gained over 10 pounds in less than 3 weeks! Anyway, I will be starting my Whole30 as soon as we get home from our trip and I have a chance to clean out my pantry and fridge. I'm trying to get my husband on board with this journey, too. He has admitted that "It Starts With Food" seems to be an interesting book. (I've shared some excerpts with him). Still trying to get him to read it for himself. Good luck on your journey!

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Thank you KandyFirefly for the luck! I hope you started and are going strong.


I have to admit that I made it to day 7, failed epically and started over. I am now on day 5 (again) and I will not fail again! I have learned my lesson on being un-prepared in social situations and will not let it happen again. My transgressions were fairly small. A few spoonfulls of baked beans & grits and few bites of homemade pie, but I wanted to have this whole 30 thing PERFECT, so I decided to start again.


However I would like to say I am feeling FANTASTIC!!! I feel amazing! I have a clear head, im not tired all the time anymore, I have been basically springing out of bed, and even though my day is long, I come home from working out with as much energy as when I started. I have been sleeping wonderfuly through the night, and waking refreshed.


My meals have been filling and tasty, I don't feel depribed at all, and have been able to mostly kill my sugar cravings. I am at least now realizing that they are habitual cravings, NOT hunger (right around 3pm) and I am not giving them anything to feed on. I find that having some caffeine free tea, or a big glass of water and distracting myself has worked just fine. I guess I never expected to have this many great results in such a short time, I am pleasently suprised and it has keept me motivated to keep going!


I am currently pumping myself up for a social situation that I am going to encounter tonight, and I am making sure to be prepared and to stick to my plan. I will eat before I go. I am bringing paelo snacks to share with everyone (and so I have something to eat) and I am going to bring some selzer water and limes to drink so I look like I have a cocktail.


I hope everyone out there has a great weekend and stays strong! They really arnt lying! You really will feel so good! Its totally worth the work and the wait, and eventually I bed it won't even seem to hard, in fact its already getting easier to shop and make food and pack lunches! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


wish me luck!


<3 L

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I failed miserably. Beer is just too good :)

starting over today... feeling great still. Ive been whole 30 compliant 10 out of the past 15 days... so thats pretty good! Kicking myself now however because I could be halfway done.


But there has to be a ballance somewhere between worrying about food and just having fun. I always choose the fun. But I want this, badly, I really do. So I am starting over (again, again) and re comitting myself.


here we go.


I have no excuses. my fridge is stocked and my meals are prepped. and besides valentines day I have no social obligations in the next 30 days, so that should help!


I can do this. seriously I can.

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Day 2 - Today is dragging by, so hard to get out of bed, and so hard to concentrate on anything. Major brain fog!! I can't believe that I am feeling the effects of my poor food choices 2 days later! I just want to get back to that place where I felt amazing and was leaping out of bed in the morning. I guess that this is just proof that cutting out sugar & carbs really has a dramatic effect. feeling is believing! I know that remembering this will help me think twice about casualy jumping off ship and eating off plan foods. Right before I did it I had a whole conversation with my boy friend  about how it "wasnt that big of a deal" and how "just a few bites of pizza and cake wouldn't hurt" turns out I was way wrong.


I really want coffee, or at least tea with caffeine, but part of my 30 days is to eliminate caffeine all together so I will settle for water, lots and lots of water. That should help flush all of the crap out of me.


I am also not eating nut butter or nuts, and I will NOT use fruit to take the place of sugar.


I am going to journal here as much as possible, becuase It really helps to have accountablility and I like being able to  look back, avoid future mistakes and see my progress or setbacks.

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Day 4 - doing well, craving sweets so much, but nothing that's not manageable. I did find out that my stupid coconut milk has carrageenan in it, so I plan on eliminating that for an extra 4 days in the end, because I have followed the rest of the plan to a T, and if I have to start again I might just cry.


Ive been having a hard time deciding if I am eating enough, sometimes I'm still hungry, but just not for the food that I have in front of me, so i think that must be the cravings talking. I have been drinking a lot of water when i feel this way and that seems to help.


Another weekend is coming up, but so far no big plans that will cause me to go off track. I am having a dinner with my best friend and her husband on Sunday night, but I offered to cook, and she is trying to limit grains too, so it will be a great chance to try out some of the recipes in the Well Fed cookbook! I am actually looking forward to having a dinner party that I don't feel terrible and stuffed and hung-over after!

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DAY 7!!! FOR REAL!!! DAY 7!!!


I can't believe I finally made it to this milestone, and with really relatively little upset. I am going to confess some of the ways in which I slipped up, just to get them off my chest, but honestly I am OVER THE MOON with my success!


So here goes:


-ate berry cobbler (1 bite) which had oats and sugar in it. Luckily I stopped myself. asked if it was REALLY worth it? and decided it was not. HA I win!

-was trying to avoid caffeine, and drank 2 cups on Sunday morning. I worked so late Saturday night, and had to be in so early Sunday that I only got 5 hours of sleep and was really feeling it. The coffee did its job, but now I am back off of it. I don't need it at all in the mornings when I get my full 8 hours!

-drank stupid tea this morning with Soy Lectin in it. Stupid, stupid tea. but I figure its not enough to hurt me one time, and I gave the rest of the tea away.

-ate ham, and mayo with added honey, but it was an emergency situation, and those were the ONLY things that I could have even thought about eating. so i went for it. better then eating dinner rolls and cookies i figure!

-drank coconut milk with Carrageenan in it. (as i mentioned above)

-ate small amount of cheese. on purpose. i have no excuses for this. I have eliminated dairy for longer than 30 days before and suffered no ill effects when re-introducing it. dairy is not something i consume in large amounts or with any frequency. I will try to continue avoiding it for the 30 days, but when faced with REALLY good cheese, I had to say yes!


not bad for 7 whole days!! they are all small transgressions, and I do plan on continuing my eliminations further past 30 days so that I can just keep plowing ahead right now!


I realized most of my serious goals with this program so I am very pleased with my progress. Grains, Sugar, and Alcohol are my BIG problem areas, and the reason that I started doing the W30 in the first place. I stayed (mostly) far away from them, and for that I am proud!!


I even had my best friend and her husband for dinner last night. I made Sheppard's pie from the Well Fed cookbook and it was AMAZING. We had grilled apples with coconut whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes for dessert!! Drank spritzers with oranges and vanilla and coconut water with seltzer and loved every minute of it. I felt so good and content and just happy, with a clear head and I didn't feel deprived after that meal one bit.


I did my daily HIIT workout this morning, and I am going into week 2 strong and excited!!!

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Yeah, the carrageenan alone calls for a restart. If you haven't done so already, shelve that coconut milk.


And shelve the honey, cobbler and ALL cheese for the rest of your Whole30.  No amount of any of those is ok. The rules are there for a reason -  you can stick with them!

It sounds like you were planning to do a longer Whole30 anyway: call this a Whole37 if that works best for your mindset.

Also, check to confirm your ham is compliant. It's tricky to find compliant ham with no sugar, gluten or other nasties.

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