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a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step


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Hello Whole30 community,

I will be starting my journey tomorrow. I began five days ago, by reading varying information about Paleo. I immediately cut refined flour, sugars and processed foods out and have been eating well but after buying the book today and doing a bit more research I realize that I have been way over eating nuts and dried fruits. I will reset in the morning and minimize my intake as I realize I was just using it as a crutch for sugar and a crunchy snack.

I can say that I have already felt better. No post meal fatigue. I am a fairly healthy eater, but that included a lot of legumes and starches.

A few months ago my Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since then I have been gradually gaining weight, which I am sure is a combination of hormones and grazing. Combine this with working in a (terrific) grocery store and, well, that's how I found myself looking to make a change.

I love to cook and am looking forward to exploring a new style of cooking / eating.

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This is a great program. I love the fact that I am never hungry! This has been a great experience so far and I hope it is great for you too...

If you don't mind, I keep you and your mom in our thoughts and prayers for good healing!

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