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Pre and post Zumba meals


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Day 3-er here, and tonight is the first time I'm going to Zumba since Thanksgiving (!!!) and since I started Whole30.


Does my meal plan look ok considering my Zumba class tonight? I'm just concerned that I'll be eating my M3 AFTER Zumba. It'll be later than my usual dinner. I'm doing Zumba twice a week, and on non-Zumba days, I walk close to 4 miles at lunch during the workday, then eat dinner around 6:30/7. With my Zumba class being at 7:30, I'm wondering if my eating will still be ok? I probably won't get to eat until 9 tonight.


M1: homemade turkey-beef breakfast patty, steamed baby greens, 1/2 avocado


M2: grass-fed beef picadillo made with green beans, mushrooms and red bell pepper, steamed baby greens, 1/2 sweet potato


Pre-Zumba Snack: 2 hb eggs, handful walnuts


M3 Post Zumba: leftover balsamic chicken breast, might add some sardines, steamed baby greens, 12/ sweet potato, sauerkraut

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