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Halfway through, GI issues


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I'm on day 15 and have unbearable gas and constipation!  Before W30 I was following a primal approach to eating, so this isn't a major lifestyle switch for me... basically the only change was cutting out dairy and natural sugars.  I'm thinking its partly because due to lack of probiotics from yogurt/kefir but I don't know if that's the only reason.  I'm getting plenty of soluble fiber with sweet potatoes and winter squash but its not helping things move along.  Eating kimchee, kraut, drinking lots of water and herbal tea too.  Has anyone else experienced this?  More importantly, any tips for relief??

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Absolutely! Sunday I had gas so badly that the cramps kept me away all night. If you would, post a couple of days of your meals so the mods have something to work with - part of mine ended up being that I ate two very gassy veggies on the same day, and one of the mods pointed that out to me. Then I was able to google the gassiest veggies and try to eat them on separate days.

Also you can search these forums for digestive enzymes. They have REALLY helped me. I had stopped taking them the day I had the bad cramps. I started taking them again and haven't had the problems since.

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Thanks Alliath!  I'll look into the digestive enzymes.


Breakfast: Coffee w/ghee and coconut oil (yum!), blueberries, cashews, chia seeds in coconut milk, hard boiled egg


Lunch: Sardines wrapped in nori sheet, sugar snap peas and baby carrots with babaganoush, small gala apple


Pre WO snack: half an avocado, HB egg


Dinner: Pan seared pork chop and Brussels sprouts cooked in ghee, baked sweet potato


Snack: half a banana


Don't remember what I ate the day before :/


These are things I eat regularly so I don't know why these foods would bother me more now than other days.  After lunch was when I really started feeling awful.  Maybe it could be related to my cycle just about to start too?

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The only really gassy food I see on that list is the Brussels sprouts. It could just be part of where you are right now. It is normal to feel a little bloated around the middle of your W30.


I will point out that your breakfast does not fit the W30 template at all (1-2 palm protein, 1-3 cups of veggie, and 1-2 servings of fat) and you are eating quite a pit more fruit than we like to see. Your M2, pre workout, and M3 were really good. Keep your fruit servings to your meal times not as snacks.


If you want to add good probiotics back in try adding some fermented vegetables and/or kombucha and see if that helps. I regularly have 1/4 cup of raw sauerkraut with my first meal. It sounded gross to me at first but then I got used to it. Look for the stuff in the refrigerated section as that will have the good stuff. Bubbies is a really great brand.

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Thanks for the tips!  I think I might have found the culprit... the avocado/egg as Pre WO snack.  Just had it again and started feeling really uncomfortable. 


Half an avocado has 5 grams of fiber and that might be a bit much with just an egg.  Maybe if the avocado was a part of a larger meal it would be a different story.

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