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Tiny stomach/eating enough

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I had weight loss surgery last spring which means my stomach can only hold about 3-4 oz at a time.  I got to day 15 of the Whole30 and was consistently feeling very light headed (having to stand up and hold on to something).  I decided to quit the Whole30 and do some research to get better prepared.  In the past, I have supplemented my diet with high protein smoothes in the morning (using protein powder).  I was consistently meeting my protein goal of 70-100g a day.  Now that I am not able to have those, I need some ideas on keeping my protein levels up throughout the day.


I was using hardboiled eggs and nuts, but clearly that wasn't enough.  



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Nuts are considered a fat source, not a protein source, on a Whole30.

The Whole30 shopping list and Robb Wolf's food matrix have lots of ideas on possible proteins.




If you're going to have more than 3 meals, just be sure the additional meals have at least a protein and fat in them.

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