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Day 14 - still congested

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I'm on day 15 and am feeling great, have definitely lost inches and overall am doing well.  


However, I've always suffered from nasal congestion (didn't even really realize there was another option).  At the beginning of my Whole 30 I was congested, then runny nose, now congested again.



1) How long does it take for congestion due to dairy to clear up? 

2) What in the Whole30 might cause it if it's not the regular culprits? (eggs? nuts?)

3) Can Neti pot be helpful at this stage? Clear out remnants? Or is that only for ongoing?  


Any other thoughts welcome, too!



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You may just have a legit allergy. Have you already gone through and considered environmental factors? I find the neti pot is always useful when I can make myself use it. Have you had an allergy test? I found transitioning to paleo and doing a W30 has made my congestion better but not cured it entirely. My symptoms are just less frequent and not as bad. I'm fairly certain environment is key for me. I would say give your W30 its full 30 days, use the neti-pot, and then do careful reintros to see if anything changes. I ruled out dairy as my congestion trigger for sure but your mileage may vary.

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