Birthday During Whole 30: Non Food Ways to Celebrate

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Hi!  I am looking for some ideas for fun, frugal ways to celebrate my birthday next week without making food the central focus.  I'll be on Day 22 of my Whole 30.  I was perfectly aware that my birthday fell in the middle and I'm good with that. I'm on Day 15 now and I'm not having cravings.  I'm just a wee bit tired of Meal 1 vegetables but I'm otherwise on track.


My limitations are:  limited cash flow, will have to take DS to school by 8 and pick him up at 5.  The rest of the day, barring a sudden work crisis, is mine.  DH will be off of work and in my house and in my space. (I work from home--I consider the house mine from 9 to 5.) 


I think I'll go to the gym after I drop of DS and get a long walk on the treadmill in and some time on the rowing machine.  Plus a long shower--they have Kiehls products!  That will be $2 for parking.


Alas, I think Catching Fire has disappeared from the theaters.


Oh, and we are likely to be getting round two of the polar vortex by then so nothing outdoors!



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I think a movie is a great idea -- even if it's just watching one at home. Playing a board game (if you can find someone to play with you!). A really good cup of coffee or tea. Picking up a book at the library and spending a few hours reading. Organizing something very nicely (I don't know, I find that really satisfying sometimes).

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