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Veggie help


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I am on day 16 of my whole 30 and I have hit veggie boredom.  I am looking for some good ideas of newer ways to enjoy them.  Due to colitis and intolerances I am unable to eat any peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower or broccoli.  I am so tired of zucchini, squash and salad.  I sautee greens but I am greened out also.  The only veggie I tolerate raw is carrots and celery which has the strings pulled out.


I also cannot have coconut of any kind.


I do much better with fruit but I am kepping it to 2 strawberries or half a green apple a day.


Thanks for any veggie tips!

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(she has recipes for jicama "potato" salad and homefries, so it doesn't have to be raw)


Mushrooms?  If it's winter where you are too, a mushroom soup might be a nice variety item.


Spaghetti squash can be cooked up in ways that make it very different from other squashes - like pad thai!


(you would have to replace the coconut-based ingredients, but do-able)

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Have you tried parsnips? Grate one up on a grater onto a paper towel, pat dry, then fry in some ghee just like hash browns. They have a surprisingly hash-browny taste with a hint of sweetness. Put a fried egg on it and it's even nummier! 

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