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Day 11 already seeing results!!!!


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I am going strong on day 11. Had a couple episodes of "Ugh, I'm DONE", but powered through. I have a history of shoulder pain, no known cause, other than, according to my physical therapist, not-so-great posture, and I have been working on that, since it is a total habit, like lifelong. I had been going to physical therapy for awhile, with no improvement in my shoulder pain. I stopped going over Christmas due to childcare issues. I do kickboxing and Zumba on Saturday mornings, and there had always been moves which really hurt me to do. This morning, though, I noticed significantly less pain, and I was able to do moves I couldn't do before. This Whole30 seems to be working on taming inflammation- amazing! I can't figure out anything else that would account for it. I am also trying to figure out what I had been eating that caused the inflammation in the first place....

The point is, I am already seeing the fruits of my labor. Again, amazing!

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