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Whole 30 Protocol #1


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I committed to giving a Whole 30 a go this January. I started the program on January 1st and have had to click the â€‹I made some bad food choices today link in the newsletter twice as I've found myself making a few choices that I don't want to continue with -- chowing down on too many raisins, nuts and bananas mainly out of habit instead of actual hunger. 


I'm now on Day 9, but still find myself having a hard time just saying no to too many nut // raisin handfuls. I am very active and also on the go a lot, and these choices are convenient. But I am cheating myself when I choose them, because they do create problems for me. 


When I eat nuts, I experience gastrointestinal upset pretty quickly and am uncomfortable for a while -- gas, bloating, swelling in hands, legs, and mental irritability. 


In the last two years, I have been diagnoses celiac, which has come with a whole host of health challenges, both before diagnosis and even now as I heal. 


With my compromised gut, I'm sensitive to a large amount of foods, including beef, chicken, pork, duck. I've tested these foods periodically and the result is not one I am able to tolerate // function with. 


So, I feel like my tendency to crave nuts is due to my high activity level mixed with my limited protein options. Beans create a lot of discomfort for me and so those are definitely out of the question. 


I do eat salmon, sardines, and sea bass throughout the week, but right now my body is responding negatively to them. (Inflammation in hands and legs namely.)


So, all of this to say, my plan over this next week and for the duration of my Whole 30 protocol is let go of these foods (nuts and bananas) and see how my body responds. 


  • Rather than reaching for nuts when I am hungry, I plan to have olives or an avocado available. If that doesn't sound appealing, then I'm not hungry. 
  • I also plan to replace my daily banana with cherry for the remainder of the program. 
  • I've created a list of things to do as opposed to habitually reach for food. 
  • I will be more organized with my meal planning and double up on recipes to ensure I always have something available.
  • I am committing to posting my daily progress here! 


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Sounds like you have a well thought out plan.


When you're hungry between meals, the guidance is to have a mini meal that contains at least a protein and fat. So, for example, have some sardines or chicken with those olives.


Save your 1-2 daily servings of fruit to have with or immediately after a meal only.


Being hungry in between meals can be a sign that you're not eating enough at your meals. If you post 2-3 days worth of your food log, folks here can give you feedback on possible tweaks.


You say you're very active: are you including pre and post workout snacks that fit the meal template?

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